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  1. Hey, I just got back from Akumal in may and I must say it was so easy to legally get married at this resort, I just received my marriage certificate in the mail this week, so no wait at all, no hassle, everything was perfect in every way.
  2. Hey, Thanks for all that info so IF i have 48 of luffas, chapstick, mini floaties, hand sanitizer, shot glasses, mentos, and tissue packs do you suggest i split all that up between 4-5 people? Do I declare all of this? This is super confusing so your help is amazing. thanks Shannon
  3. Hey! Were actually will not be using the Resturant but I have emailed her to ask about entrance and poolside reception thanks!
  4. Hey, Can everyone share how the are coordinating the bride/groom entrance. We are having a an outdoor poolside reception and I'm still torn whether or not I really want one a "entrance". I don't think I will do my wedding party....any suggestions or ideas of how you guys are or did coortinate this?
  5. Great News everyone, I just emailed the wedding coordinator asking about the 300 dollar limit. Eugenia has said its a concern when its over 3000.00 US not 300 US ..she said I will have no problems! Just thought I would share that information with everyone. I'm not too sure if thats accurate or not though
  6. ahhh i just read the 300 dollar thing you guys posted and I leave on sunday...now Im stressn! I have lots of stuff for OOT bags and noo receipts....any other advice other than praying for a green light! ....Most of my stuff I'm bringing for my OOT bags is going to be in checked baggage not cary on....does this make any diference? I have 48 items...of seven different items ADVICE ANYONE ?
  7. Hey Nikki I am ! we leave on sunday may 20 for two weeks and our date is the only one missing out of your list ...may 25th! I'm gettin too exctied pre packing...my lugguage is far too much overweight with wedding stuf! AHHH
  8. ok ....28 days to go, getting super excited! Does anyone know when you do a sandy ceremony if you need an extra song for that? I'm working on my music and god I cannot make up my mind about ceremony music..I'm looking for instrumental beach wedding type music and cannot find anything really...any reccomondations ladies! ?? Does anyone also know what Bar is the piano bar? I'm trying to make a meeting time in my welcome books for the rooms there but I cant figure out what its called! Thanks for your help Shannon
  9. Hey Everyone, I'm working on my welcome books for the rooms and am wondering if anyone already has the informaiton they could share.. 1. Restuarant Info - Its very basic on the website, can guests go to all Al La Cartes? OR only the ones in the Akumal is we are staying here 2. Pool Activities/Entertainment - I have emailed my WC but I dont have high hopes for receiving this info...fingers crossed We leave in 46 days! count down is on, making my books is getting me very exicted!
  10. Hey Yeimeen, Could you email me your sand ceremony scripting? I would love to see this but I cannot open it? Shannonmilne@ymail.com Thanks for all your help! Shannon Sand Ceremony.pdf
  11. Helo Yeemein, Thanks for your advise! We are having a poolside dinner so I will definatly need music for that as we will not have any kind of backround music. Thanks for the info on the other DJ, I will check him out!
  12. Hey everyone, I'm getting married at the Akumal on May 25. I was wondering if anyone had the breakdown on the bar servies. I have emailed my wedding coordinator and she has told me that is the amount ( national 12 / international 18) per person , per hour. I was wondering if the pricing is the same for the rest of you. I'm doing a priviate poolside reception and am having trouble figuring out what bar service option to go with. Also, I cannot decide how many hours to hire the dj, we only need him really for the equipment he brings and the dancing portion of it...I want to play music during cocktails in the begining but am curious who sets this equipment up for you if the dj is not hired until later..I would really hate to pay that much for a dj that doesn't really do anything until the dancing but stands around while we do speadches, just so we can use the mic and speakers.. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions?
  13. Hello! My name is Shannon and I'm getting married at the akumal on May 25 2012. Jacquie! We are going to be there and get married during the same time! We should connect so we can go through planning together
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