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  1. Good luck with your wedding Julie! Its coming up sooooo soon!!! I have no doubt everything will be amazing!! Our wedding turned out great and we enjoyed the resort so much we are already looking forward to going back! Best wishes! Lindsay
  2. Your first dance photo is so gorgeous!! what a great review! i also loved everything about getting married at this resort! i would do it all over again!
  3. that looks great julie! how are you getting it all down there? $17 per table is awesome! i have to work on mine again this weekend! i will take LOTS of pics of north beach
  4. ya all that is due next saturday for me! crazy how fast time goes! we will be there before you know it
  5. i Just started working on center piece ideas this weekend, i have no idea about bringing them but im sure where there's a will there's a way! what did you make for yours? The only other thing we are really bringing is the wedding favors. Have you had to send in all of your final details yet?
  6. wow krysta! that is right before! how exciting! are you also having your ceremony on the beach? are you bringing any diy decorations?
  7. Our wedding is on April 18th. The planning is going ok. We are a pretty small group, about 12 people. I am getting anxious over the details though! Are u guys using their photography company? I'm pretty sure we are since the vendor fee is another added expense.... krysta, when is your wedding?
  8. Hi Julie, Thanks for posting! I have a bit of a tough time navigating this site! So the link to the gran porto thread was just what I needed! What are you thinking of doing for center pieces? I am going to do my own as well, as theirs are costly and not that special looking. My dilema is that I dont want to bring so much stuff down there with me! I am also having our ceremony and dinner reception on the north beach. We are going to have a cocktail reception as well I'm pretty sure. Just ironing out all of our final details as I have to send them in by feb.18th! AHHhhh I am starting to feel a little panicky about making decisions and not knowing what it will all be like until we get there. At least on here there are pics and review, so that helps a bit.
  9. Hi Stacey! I am also getting married there in April! Please be sure to post pics and a review of how it all turned out! I hope its amazing! Lindsay
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