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    Hello Ladies! My honey and I were married on Thursday and I have to say, WOW. at the end of it all, once on the resort Claribel was phenomenal. The concierge (Leonardo) was difficult to get a hold of and he made quite a few big mistakes, but Claribel went above and beyond to make sure they were corrected. We opted for the hotel photographer, which was an initial concern regarding communication, but we worked with Amy and she was great, LOVE the shots, it was hard to limit the choices to 350, the part that we didn't like working with Amy was that she left when the sun was going down before dinner while our champagne and cigar roller was still happening, luckily- our good friend who is also a photographer stayed with us and took some breath taking shots in the dark <3 Hope this helps! Pics when we're back home- for now back to the honeymoon :]
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    I have had the WORST time EVER getting in touch with Claribel. That aspect has been a nightmare. We've had this issue since the very beginning of booking (we were dealing with an Emy and then a Cristina prior to Claribel). Our travel agent initially worked things out for us in terms of getting responses when they weren't doing it in the beginning, but since we're so close, I thought she would be a tad more on top of things, but it took forever. I tried calling, they gave me the run around, and so I filed a complaint with AM Resorts. Eventually we skyped and settled (i hope) everything. But it took a while, and the stress it caused made me really reconsider. The thing with Claribel though, is that when you ACTUALLY get to her, she is great at reassuring you that everything is going to work out perfect. I will be sure to come back and give a review post wedding because I really hope that despite sucking at getting responses out fast, Claribel gets it together in the end.
  3. Katusha, Congrats!!! Can't wait for your reviews :]
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    We haven't decided on the restaurant yet, I told Claribel I need to see and get a feel first when we actually get there because there are so few pictures! But we are just planning on reserving a section. We want to use the restaurant menus because the pre set menus have less variety(in our opinion), and we have people with food allergies.
  5. in terms of photography- it would be a huge deal breaker for me; if i can't get their person to understand my vision/ if i didn't like his style there would be no way they could get me to use him.. these pictures are forever. in terms of decor, it wouldn't matter to me, example: i am deathly allergic to flowers, and the resorts vendors have flowers in almost every aspect; so i opted to go for the simple options in the package, made it clear i want no flowers or decorations and I'm bringing my own with us, this way its personalized without having to have more conversations about why i dont want any flowers.
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    Thanks :] We are traveling with 30 people (including our own officiant); We opted for the ceremony by the fountain with the walkway over the fountain, dinner at one of the restaurants, and a reception at castaways with a cigar roller. I'm so excited, we've been planning right since they changed over from NH, but I'm glad to tell you that when I was having issues with communicating with Ricardo (their photographer) Claribel was nice enough to call me personally to work it out until all my questions were satisfied.
  7. hey ladies, I booked for December 1st, 2011! My date is coming up and I was wondering if anyone is bringing their own music for the reception (instead of hiring a dj). I was just wondering if their would be an issue with that. Also, does anyone have any feedback on the spa in terms of getting their hair done there? or photos of the rooms (not preferred club) I'm getting nervous about those aspects.
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    Hey all, we booked with NOW Larimar for December 1, 2011. We initially had issues with getting prices (some of them are still not clear) but Claribel has been a great help in trying to calm me down. We are arriving there November 28th so I promise to take TONS of pictures to give you ladies better views because the limit of pictures of the grounds has me nervous.