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  1. Hi girls! So we just put the deposit down to have our wedding at Beaches Negril on April 22nd @ 5:30pm, I'm excited,but overwhelmed!!! My WC is Chloe, anybody else have her? I am setting up my time to speak with her tomrw, I feel like I need to make a long list of my gazillion questions. What are most of you doing for the reception option? How many average guests? Anybody look into the photography options they offer? I have seen and read some reviews concerning their photography and that is my biggest concern. The pictures don't seem very professional to me and I know you can't bring in outside photographers, I'm in a little bit of a panic about that! Has anyone been to the resort before?
  2. Hi!!! Where on Long Island do you live? My fiance and I just put the deposit down for our wedding at Beaches Negril, and I have been reading these threads and noticed you are from Long Island, too funny! My consultant is Chloe as well, I am calling tomrw to schedule an appointment to speak to her. How many guests are you having? I'm thinking of doing the Beautiful Beginnings as well, but I'd prefer all the flowers to be white, I'm hoping thats possible. What reception option are you choosing? I'm so overwhelmed! Any tips from any of you girls will be much appreciated!