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  1. So 4 days before we leave for the wedding Cecelai sends me an email to tell me my reception restaraunt needs maintenance so we cant have our dinner there but we can have one of the buffet restaraunts...the steak house or cajun. Any suggestions ladies which to pick. So disappointed but going to try and make best of it;)
  2. Well ladies...I leave in 5 days for my big event. I have barely had time to come on here. I will be arriving May 20th and wedding will be May 24th. Anyone going to be there same time?
  3. Hi Prometida, My TA has been a god sent, when I send an emial to the WC and i dont get a timely response she emails them and I get a response very quickly. Seems they take emails from TA's more seriously because they know they may not recommend the resort to future brides if they disappoint. Sorry for your troubles, hope it all works out. I will be there less than 5 weeks, so crazy;)
  4. Thanks MJKH, I knew they had to wear sleeved shirts and long pants and I just couldnt recall if the shoes had to be closed toes, thanks for the link. All our wedding party men are earing leather dressy flip flops so I am sure that will be fine;) Looking forward to hear how youe wedding and trip went, congrats again. LJ
  5. Was wondering if you where told what exactly the dress code is for the A la Carte's, it states dress code but doesnt list details of what this requires. Thanks;)
  6. Thanks so much for the info and picture, Im getting so excited to go back there. Cant wait to hear all about your wedding;)
  7. Ya my 90 year old grandmother is coming as well and we cant wait to put her in the lazy river, will be an event to video tape. Too bad no more double tubes Chris and I loved floating togther. # months now cant wait;)
  8. Loved your photos, you look so happy, congrats. I have heard some chatter that they no longer provide tubes to float down lazy river and they did provide them when we went there in 2010. Do you recall if they still provide them;)
  9. Hi, We have choosen an air transat package as well because for our group it is better priced than the hotel packages. Speak to your travel agent, she is who booked our package. To choose an air transat pacakage you have to have 12 passenegrs flying with Airtransat leaving and coming back on same day from same airport so you need to look into that. Hope this helps;)
  10. Hi Everyone, My wedding is in less than 5 months and can't wait to do all the final stuff they let yuo do 3 months before the wedding. Was wondering if anyone had any experience with requesting an english speaking judge or had one. As well for the ladies who have been married there already did they do a run through or rehersal of the wedding. I have 2 little flower girls and I am hoping to show them what they will have to do. Did anyone order and favors from the hotel can't decide what to bring as favors and not sure we have room in luggage to bring anything. Thanks l
  11. Hi, I have been to this resort before and I am getting married there in May. Its difficult when you read reviews because often its people from other resorts writting bad reviews to put down the competition and other people can only focus on the negative things. Its best to do what you are doing and ask people who have been there. We where very happy with the resort, service and wedding locations. We loved it so much it was our first choice to get married at. It is a huge place with lots to do and so many choices for food. Hope this helps;)
  12. So bit of a change of plans, the weddding date they gave us did not allow us the 3 business days we needed for a legal marriage, so we know are going may 20th, to be married May 24th. Invites are out and now I can relax for a bit. No just to decide on a wedding package and find some bridesmaid dresses. Thanks for all your input ladies, cant wait to hear about all your weddings!!!!!
  13. Fellow Brides, I read back through all the threads again and saw some comments that maybe the transat package wasnt as good because the wedding decorations and cake, flower choices arent as nice and that alot of extra charges pop up. For anyone whom used a transat package where you happy with it. I am hoping to rent the palapa so I am trying to cut costs by choosing a less expensive package but dont want to left disappionted if I dont go with hotel package. The Bliss package is $800 and cover s reception a la cart for 24 people compared to the hotels 10 but we will hav
  14. So excited. Finally heard back from the resort and I am booked to be married on May 9th. Looking over the packages and now just have to choose between resort packages and Air Transat pacakages. Any brides used the Transat packages. They dont cover legal fees but allow 24 guest at reception dinner with no charge and resort charges aften ten. Love to hear any input;)
  15. Ladies looking for information on documentation required for legal wedding in Mexico. I have been told 3 different things and would LOVE clarification. Do we require passports and long form birth certificate and does birth certificate have to be translated into Spanish. The blood tests cost approx $180 US, is this correct?
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