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  1. Hey ladies, we are home from our wedding/honeymoon. It was AMAZING! I will do a full review later once we get settled in. I would love to be helpful to all of you future brides like the past brides were for me! My best advice would be, don't panic about details. Like everyone else one here has said, it may feel like your coordinator is not answering you but everything WILL come together.
  2. Yay, we are leaving tomorrow morning for our wedding!! I can't believe it's already here, we are beyond excited! I will share all the details when we are back from our honeymoon
  3. Does any one know if they provide candles? Pillar candles to make a center piece with sand? And what about just small tea lights or votives or the tables to have burning?
  4. FireyNurse, you had your reception at Coral beach or Coco beach? I didn't know that there was a "coco" beach. I wasn't really given any options when it came to locations. Also, there is a picture on here of you and your bridal party toasting in a room. Do you mind me asking what that was for? Cocktail hour? Beginning reception? I saw a speaker in the picture so I was wondering what part of your wedding this was. Thanks!
  5. Yay congrats on getting close! My wedding is the 29th! Do you have everything planned for the details there? I feel like I still have some things up in the air and don't know if that is "normal"
  6. Hi Mellie, could you send me those pictures? Kartc02@sbcglobal.net I have not seen any set up options and I am less then 3 weeks away..... Getting a little nervous
  7. I actually just asked that exact question and here is what I got... "I have a question regarding our photographer. We are hiring an outside photographer and I have seen that there is a vendor fee of $500 for the day of the wedding. He will be coming back a few days later to do more photos for us. When he comes back will we have to pay another vendor fee or will it be a day pass fee since it isn't for a wedding?" Wedding Coordinator answer... "Yes he would have to pay the fee again." So I am not sure what to think. I didnt think we would have to pay $500 again but thats the way it sounds. Our wedding is less than a month out and to book a room now it would be close to $800 for three nights. I dont know what to do now.... Do I take the chance that when we get there they wont charge me two vendor fees? Or book a room for $800???
  8. Has anyone done a fishing trip with the hotel. My FI and his groomsman want to go deep sea fishing and I know in the past when we went there was a company at the hotel that did it. I was just wondering if anyone has done something like this and had any recommendations.
  9. Has anyone had their photographer come back to the hotel a few days after their wedding to take TTD pictures? I am wondering if I would have to pay the day pass to get him in or if it would be a verndor fee again. Thanks!
  10. Hey ladies, so I got an answer as to why we were not offered playa azul for our ceremony. Here is what I was told " Yes it is available, the thing is that we are redesigning the maya beach hotel where playa azul is and the bus is not able to take you to the beach, the bus can leave at the Caribe hotel and then you should walk to get to playa azul, if this is fine for you; you can have the ceremony at playa azul, it is like less than 10 minutes walking. " So my question for y'all is, is the walk from the caribe too far to have my guests walk or not really? It had been years since we were there so I don't really remember just how far it was. Also, recent brides. Was the "construction" at the maya beach hotel something that would get in the way of pictures or be noisy?? Thank you!
  11. Has anyone else been placed in a ceremony and reception space they did not ask for? I was tols today that I have to use the beach in front of the palace. I'm pretty bummed out because I had my heart set on playa azul, but was not given any options
  12. What is the reason behind saving the receipts for everything? I'm not sure I have all them :confused:
  13. Dd you have to pay extra for your food changes? I like the idea having tortilla soup instead.
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