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  1. Thanks- they were actual beaded strings my friend bought them from a party store and we just gave to wedding planner and they hung them up. They were blowing with the wind but nicely- I felt like it was just a nice touch because I kept everything very simple
  2. I actually got it made but I got the design from allure bride http://allurebridals.sitewrench.com/Store_ProductDetail.aspx?pid=F573D6265160c9h7239G I believe the price was like 800 dollars which I thought was to expensive. So I have a family friend who is a seamstress and she was able to make it for me, in addition to my civil ceremony dress, bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dress.
  3. Finally got our official slide show - YAY!! http://280712colindres.dreamsriveriacancun.adventurephotos.com.mx/
  4. Hey ladies I got married July 28th everything was amazing! Anel was my photographer-I am still waiting for my official slide show but I figure I would share the one with all the pictures taken. http://colindreswed.dreamsriveriacancun.adventurephotos.com.mx/ We did a welcome cocktail hour the night before the wedding in lieu of a formal rehearsal dinner and we also did the TTD. I will do a formal review but if you have questions please let me know.
  5. They will provide one if you do not purchase one and ask you what color sand you would prefer.
  6. Hey Lindsey It was amazing and yes I had a blast!!! Anel was incredible and great to work with- the trash the shoot we did was awesome!! I just finishing looking at your pics- you looked beautiful- congrats again!! I cant wait to share mine with you!
  7. Hey Emily, We had the dance floor on the deck and I felt like it worked out perfect, the beach is very dark so Im sure you would need extra lighting if you get it on the beach. I think it also depends on the amount of guest your having because that will determine how many tables you will have and how much room it will take up on the deck- we had 6 tables. Also there are crabs that come out at night we did not see many just a few but they were right off the deck.
  8. I hope your super excited and do not worry- i was the same way before I left! You will sit down with your planner and go through every detail- my suggestion would be just to have everything you want written down along with your questions to make sure you remember everything. Also, if you have pictures of what you want bring copys- I did this for decorations and hair/makeup. As for paying we opted to charge it- just be aware you may have a foreign transaction fee, also we notified the credit card company prior to going on vacation just to make sure we would have no issues. I had previously read another bride had used travelers checks and that worked out just fine. One last recommendation bring cash if you plan to tip, and figure out ahead of time who you will be tipping and how much- its one less thing to worry about the day of.
  9. Hi Ladies!! I just walked in the door and wanted to share that we had a incredible time- the entire experience was amazing! I am so happy This forum was the best tool/guide when I was planning so please let me know if you have any questions. I will write a review and post my pics as soon as I get them!!
  10. Leaving this Thursday and I cant believe it- Im sooo excited!!!! I picked up my wedding dress yesterday!! I feel overall ready just have to take care of a few small things and finish packing!!! Ive been on this forum for the last year and it has been so helpful- thank you everyone!!
  11. The Sports bar is like a 3 minute walk from the beach, essentially it is by the lobby. I am doing the cocktail hour on the beach
  12. Yay! I'm so happy everything went smoothly for you! I know everything will be great look forward to hearing all about it!! Will be following you soon can't wait leaving in 9 days!!
  13. Aimeelaco28. JQLong, Juliej84 and Ginaf61987 thank you so much for sharing your slideshows- everyone looked beautiful!! Future brides and past brides what are you doing about tips: Who are you tipping and how much? Trying to cover all the small details- leaving in 2 weeks cant even believe it!!!
  14. Can you clarify what this mean? Do you mean for any decorations/ we are carrying? Have you already traveled and was this a issue?
  15. Same here I have sent her a few emails and nothing! My email is nunez.melis@gmail.com Thanks In advance for the information! I really can't believe how close we are soo exciting!!
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