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  1. I think the DJ mannia service is $800 for 2012 plus $300 for 2pp vendor fees :S although the service is for 4hrs & incl an MC. Has anyone read the fine print about the receptions being only 3hrs long now? and dinner starting at 6pm instead of 6:30? when I booked we had clarification that dinner was at 6:30 & we could use our banquet rooom til 10:30 before having to pay extra......this nickel & diming is really starting to drive me crazy! I'm going to email Cristina & get to the bottom of all this
  2. ok so I guess posting my pics didn't work, you all can email me at sommer_chiasson@hotmail.com if you would like to see them
  3. @Sani, I would try contacting DJ Mannia again during the week, they are very quick to respond. There pkg includes EVERYTHING! From 4hrs of service to MC so that is going to be taken care of. The centerpieces are done for what we have planned at this point since I am not paying extra for more flowers. I might use the bridesmaids bouquets as a last minute choice bc we have 3 tables & 3 bridesmaids. Let me know what you ladies think!!
  4. @ sani- we are getting married this april and I actually sat down to do all the reading & fine print today & a lot has changed since I booked. We have 24 including bride & groom so we are a small bunch too. I have booked HDC for our photography(wayyy better than any of the pkgs the hotel has) and they had really great reviews. Also, we are getting DJ Mannia to come, even though we have to pay the vendor fees for both they are still cheaper & get a whole lot more for your $$. The DJ/MC service is 4hrs
  5. to bring your photographer its $150pp for the stupid "vendor" fee, truly just another way to rip us off.
  6. Wow, your decor it all so beautiful! Great job! Where did you get the pearls from?
  7. Hey Girls, Ok so I got my decor today & have been playing around all night with it. I received a price list of decor & centerpieces at the hotel & they are beyond ridiculous! I need to order a few more things, I accidently ordered fushia organza overlays instead of runners so I thing it looks a little overpowering. I'm not sure why you girls are having such a hard time with where your receptions are being held. I'm pretty sure that mine is going to be in a banquet style room which is private to my guests only, maybe is that because I don't want it at a restaurant with other ppl around? Also, how do you know that the hotel is overbooked & your guests are not by each other? I haven't been given any info regarding over capacity. As far as I'm concerned weddings being held should get 1st priority to the hotel since they are such a big event! Can't wait to see how all of beautiful weddings with all of our hard work will turn out As much as I am stressing like everyone else we must know that they will make each of our weddings the most special day of our lives!
  8. I booked in August & it was in the paperwork that I was sent so hopefully it still applies. Gonna play around with some stuff tonight with candles
  9. I bought some tanks from walmart, they were $6, what a steal! I'm going to put the names on them this wkend. I will post a pic once I'm done, along with my oot guest bags i've been meaning to post. Still trying to figure out my centerpieces, I will be bringing everything myself although when we signed our contract the flower centerpieces were supposed to be included so hopefully with my proof I can still get them.....here's to hoping! 36days to go!!!!
  10. Hey do any of you ladies know where I could buy some iron on bling for tanks for my bridesmaids & I? I find it hard to pay $25 just because its says bride on a tanktop
  11. Hey if you haven't ordered your petals yet, I found a cheaper site at www.efavormart.com. They have tons of great stuff! I just ordered all my decor yesterday.
  12. Has anyone sent anything to the resort for their decor? Just wondering if it got there & how long it took.
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    Thats exactly what I am doing too, well thats what I'm hoping. I have been playing around with them at home
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    Hey ladies! For brides Alana LM, Sun Wedding, JbMarch & Amybscn Just wanted to know what types of centerpieces you are doing & what your colours are? I am wanting to bring my own decor but I thought if we will all be down there at the same time we could share & split the cost of votive candles & small things like that......votives are $5 each at the resort! what a rip off! My colours are watermelon(fuschia) & champagne
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    Hey ladies! I have been on & off again just reading posts from all types of wedding plans on here since Aug 2011. I am a Canadian bride from Calgary & I will be getting Married on April 24, 2012. After having to deal with many no responses from Claribel, I am happy to say that Cristina has taken over for me & she has been great so far. Vav- thank you for all your info & pics, they have helped a lot! I have made OOT bags for my guests & will be posting the pics soon, just doing some finishing touches. Hopefully I can meet some of you wonderful ladies if we cross paths on our vacations! We will be there from the 13th of April so I think I will be able to see a few of your weddings before mine. Is anyone booked with DJ Mannia? I wanted to use their services but Claribel had told me they weren't allowed at the resort, has this changed? If so, I am def booking them, they are way cheaper & offer more. I am still unsure about what to do for our centerpieces yet. We want to bring a lot of our own decor because the prices at the resort are just ridiculous!