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  1. Hey there Skyy!! Sorry It took me forever to get back to ya! Try not to read the reviews. I did the same thing and didn't sleep for days. Review of the Stay/wedding We arrived 10/3/12 and stayed till 10/13/12 We were there 3 days before everyone... BEST decision we could have made. It was nice being able to relax before everyone got there. I talked to my WC even spy-ed on a few weddings. I kept in touch with everyone Via email and Internet. Which was nice since a few of my guest where flying American. I had 3 couples miss a day BC of delays and not being able to make their connecting flights. I also forgot a few things. I emailed a few people and they were able to bring me what I needed Food- I get sick very very easy.... I was worried about getting there and me feeling sick the whole trip. Not the case with this resort. The food is amazing!!! Small but amazing. So when you order you might want to order more then one. Also room service is great. Takes some time to get your food but really good! Rooms-We stayed in building 6. Building 6 is the closet to the VIP club lounge. VERY NICE. We stayed in room 6304 which is on the 3rd floor. Clean and big! Since it was Oct the heat is beyond what i have ever experienced! With that said heat raises. Our room was a bit warmer then I would have liked. We keep the fans going and cretins closed which helped. We only had a one problem with the maid service. I believe it was our 3nd night there, were taking a nap around 4pm when they came to clean. Which is late anyways! I told her We would be leaving around 6:30 for dinner could she come back then? She said no problem. Room never was cleaned when we got back from our evening. Other then that we had no problems! The day of our wedding she cleaned our room first thing!!! Picked up and put away everything! Try to request to be put in building 6! Its close to the beach and right next to the VIP lounge! For guest...Building 2 and 1 our the closest to the beach as well. Most of our guest stayed in building 1 and 2. 1 is the most recent remodeled. A few of ours room were on the corner of the building which you could see the ocean from there deck! Spa- I was worried when I never heard back from the spa to confirm my hair appointment. So the first thing I did after we arrived, I went to the spa. They did not have mine or my bridesmaids appointments. I was upset. Thank God I was there 7 days before my wedding. I made my hair for 1pm and makeup at 2pm. The photographer was coming to take pics in my room at 4pm. I didn't leave the spa till 3ish!! Just enough time to eat and get my dress ready for pics! I would recommend making your hair appointment early. This place is the Las Vegas of weddings! You will not be the only bride getting married on that day! Be sure to get in so you have time to relax before zero hour. I would also recommend to bring your own bobby pins. I LOVED MY HAIR! It did start to fall. It stayed for all the pics but once I started to move around and dance. It slowly started to fall. Oh also I ordered a real flower for my hair for the wedding. What I got was not what I though. It could have been because I wanted a Calla Lilly. It looked like something i put on for my 6th grade dance. I was in panic mode! Until they ladies at the spa told me I could just pick flowers from the garden out front! So my one of my brides maid and I went out and picked a few white and pink flowers came back to the spa and they pinned them in my hair. LOOK AMAZING!!! Best part....THEY WERE FREE!
  2. Hey there stanger!!! Your wedding pics look amazing! Glad I bumped into at the Disco! I was feeling pretty good when you saw me.
  3. Thanks! Thats how I feel! Im ready for beach and drinks please! Im off the week we get back so Ill be posting and answering as many questions as I can
  4. See ya down there! When are you leaving? We leave from Chicago Weds. Feel free to stop by the wedding! 6 pm on the beach! Ill be wearing White!
  5. I will! Promise girls! Im like the paparazzi with pics! Im pretty sure Ill become that crazy aunt that wears the HUGE camera around her neck everywhere she goes. "Have to capture the memories children!" lol my Fiance hates it. He will thank you one day tho!
  6. I have them booked for my day and a trash the dress session! Im so glad to hear that! Ive been a YouTube whore and watching all their wedding videos! lol Im glad everything went well Cant wait to hear about it! = ) any Dos or Donts you can give me would be great!
  7. 15 more days till Wedding Day...7 before I leave! 1) I send my formal Invites out 2 months before hand. I pretty much knew who was coming. So I didnt need an RSVP response back. 2) I didnt have an RSVP date. Well I did...Our travel agent had our group on a promo code for a discount. That ended Aug. 31. My wedding is Oct 11. That gave our guest time to book and make payments if they needed too. But all payments had to be made by Aug 31th. We only had 3 couples book on their own and not with our TA. Which worked out great for us. Since we had more the 15 rooms booked we received a good amount of money back for them. = ) I hope that helps! Happy Planning! If you have FB there is a Dreams Punta Cana Bride Group you can join and ask question as well!
  8. forgot my reception is at the Portofino.
  9. You are! Feel free to come by and check things out! My wedding is at 6pm. I just sent in my hair request for 1pm. Im hoping me and my 3 bridesmaids will be done and ready to have pictures take of us in the room by 4. I might change it to 12. I dont want to run late to my own wedding hahaha.
  10. My email is Tcruz2185@gmail.com...Thank you sooo mucho! I sent my save the dates out 1 yr in advance. To the week to be exact. I wanted everyone to have time to save up and take time off. Not sure if it was a good idea or not. I didn't have anyone book their trip till the 1st of the yr. I sent my invites out 2 months prior. That seem to get a the last min people in gear to book.
  11. That's amazing! Good to hear! Im glad everything went well for you! Im planning on going sometime within the next two weeks to buy makeup. Im setting up my appointments this week for me and the girls. I think im going to have a test run with my hair before hand just to make sure they can do it! Thanks for the in tel! Do you have pics?
  12. Oh no! Ill see what I have and send it to you! My WC has changed so many freaking times! I'm SOOO ready Just got confirmation that all Chinese lanterns and Paper Balls ; ) are a buck a hang. @ Yazzy....No I was told 150.00. Also are you feeding your DJ and Photographer? I ordered 3 extra plates for them. I didnt want to seem rude ya know? but if its something that isnt done by all means Im pretty much having to sell my left ovary to have my balls hung and to have my photographer at my wedding. I wont if I dont have too.
  13. omg this is amazballs!!! Your the best!
  14. I heard they do a pretty good job! Not sure about hair yet. Im buying my own makeup here and having them show me how to do it. Just in case...Im having a test run before the wedding so I have an Idea of what to expect. Im hoping I have no worries. I also heard to make your hair app. soon. Dont wait till you get there. Which reminds me I should email her about that. Thanx!
  15. OMG thanks for the head up!!! Ill be sure to let all my guest know! I wrote a Travelers tip letter to all my guest I included in bold letter put all valuables in safe. I will be one one ANGRY MEXICAN if they steal anything from me! Im borderline crazy now. I might blow up the place! ; )