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  1. Sorry thought i had it in the title! Getting married at Dreams La Romana!
  2. Hi Girls, I'm new to this so please bear with me! Im getting married at the beach gazebo and wondering what's the best option shoe wise? Also, we are thinking of just going to one of the restaurants after the ceremony instead of paying for something private, has anyone else done this? would anyone have prices for brides and bridesmaid hair and make up, i've found 3 different prices on their website and they are all different! I'd be grateful for any thoughts or comments! Thanks xx
  3. Hi, I'm getting married here in November, we are going with the free package, and are thinking about just going to one of the restaraunts after for our meal not booking anything private, has anyone done that? Also, what shoes are best to wear? we are getting married at the beach gazebo, so wondering if heels are ok or not:)
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