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  1. Congrats Janette!! Its so lovely to hear that you had a fabulous wedding. Elizabeth says she'll meet us the day we arrive and then again the following day to finalize all the details. Thanks MJKH for your words as well. I think I had a bit of a momment, but all is good now. My TA was able to get the WC to get back to me, I received an email last night. They have corrected the date for my rehersal dinner now - phew. That was a big relief. That really was my biggest concern, it couldn't wait until I got to Mexico as I want it to happen this Sunday. One little email and now everything has fallen into place. I was told by Elizabeth that "so and so would be my wedding planner" and that person kept changing so that concerned me, but after hearing that the group works as a team I feel much, much better. Only 3 more Sleeps til we leave, and I haven't started to pack!! Linds0128, I'll still be there when you come. We are staying a 2nd week for a honeymoon - well be there from April 22-May 6th.
  2. My wedding is next Wednesday, and I still have unanswered questions and a problem with a reservation I need them to fix - I emailed on April 2 & 9th with no reply. Responses were fine with the resort until April – then 1 mth away from my wedding and they no longer talk to me. I'm beyond stressed out at this point. It also doesn’t help is that my wedding co-coordinator has been changed 3 times since we booked this resort in September, each time this happens I feel details of my planning starting to disappear. I’m hoping my TA can get them to respond. I’m still looking forward to going to this resort, and trying to remain positive. I just hope the wedding is everything I want it to be. Only 5 more sleeps until I leave.
  3. linds0128's The disco is not opened on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays. I'm getting married on Wednesday, and I've been told there is a beach party that night, although I'm not sure if there is a beach party every night the disco is closed.
  4. @ Jber713 - My ceremony is just before sunset in April, but I really want to do a TTD session and spend as much time as possible with my guests. So my solution is to dress up again the next day and have a photo shoot. @LPerry - Trash the Dress is a style of wedding photography that contrasts elegant clothing with an environment in which it is out of place. For most on us on here that means a Beach and/or Pool. I plan on using the location and being as creative as I can. The location is part of the reason I am having a destination wedding, and I'm no Size 4 Model type.
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