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  1. Thanks Lala! I appreciate your detailed reply! I'm in love with the Tequila Donkey. We are actually in the middle of booking everything now with Ceiba for our wedding in the spring of 2012! Very excited. I am surprised about the fact you didnt have to pay a set up fee unless you brought in your own tables and chairs. In their banquet menu they say $13/pp, but maybe since you had a lot of people they waived it? Lastly, did you have an after party after the wedding? Since it will probably end at 11pm and although most guests will be tired i was just wondering if you did anything for the people more our age? Thanks again! Your posts have extremely helpful!
  2. Thanks! I was hoping for a more detailed response. If anyone else out there has any information I would really appreciate it!
  3. If anyone can provide details around Ceiba del Mar vs. Fairmont Mayakoba that would be helpful. I know of course one is a boutique vs. larger hotel. But any information around pricing, food, service, accommodations, etc would be greatly appreciated. Are there any items to ask the hotel to include? Negotiation points, etc. I see that the open bars at both hotels are very expensive. Also, has anyone had or been to a wedding at Amarte Maroma? Thank you so much!!!
  4. Hi Lala, This is really helpful information! Thanks so much for sharing. I have a few questions for you if you don't mind answering... 1. How did you go about buying the liquor outside and bringing it in? Was Ceiba ok with this? Did they help you transport it? The open bar per hour seem really high which is why i am inquiring. Did you do this for the rehearsal dinner as well? 2. Were you able to negotiate the set up fees to be included? 3. What is a Tequila Donkey? 4. What did the hotel charge for the bonfire? And did you only have marshmallows? 5. Is the rental furniture necessary and what did you use it for? 6. Not sure if you know this but if you have your reception on the beach, do you need to rent a dance floor? Thank you so much for your time and help! I really appreciate it!
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