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  1. Thanks so much for the info! I would love to hear how everything went after your wedding and Congratulations!! 11-11-11 is so fun! We are booking for 11-10-12
  2. Hello - I've finally narrowed down the many all-inclusive, adult only resorts to choose from in Jamaica and need help picking from my final 2!! Both resorts look absolutely beautiful according to the website, but has anyone actually been to either of these resorts? I'd love to hear some real reviews beyond Travelocity Secrets is close to the airport, which is nice and convenient, but Jewel is right by the Dunn's River Falls which would be a great excursion opportunity for our guests. I'm torn!! Any suggestions are welcomed and appreciated!!
  3. I'm getting married November 2012, and am trying to decide between Jewel Dunn's River Resort & Spa (previously Sandals) in Ocho Rios, or Secrets Wild Orchid in Montego Bay! Both have very different "pros". Both are beautiful...Secrets is close to the airport, and the Jewel Dunn's River has great great attractions being close to the Falls and a Dolphin lagoon. Does anyone have any recommendations or reviews on either of these hotels?? I would appreciate all the info I can get!!
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