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  1. Personally, I would not have changed my location because we had such a large group (80). If you are going to have a smaller group I think the beach would be great, but we needed a venue where we could have our speaches be heard, etc. In response to the other questions, I did get the Ultimate Package, it was nice to have the extra touches. I loved the massage, we traded the facial and massage for just an hour massage. We really liked the live music included and the extra flowers on the walkway. The video is nice just to remember your day. Sara
  2. We had our reception at El Patio, we loved it there because of the backdrop, but it was hot (no air).
  3. I took a bus to Playa to get to Sac-Nah, but you could also take a taxi to get right there. Here are some pictures taken by the resort photographer. I think they turned out pretty good, my hair and makeup were done at the resort as well.
  4. Just the centerpieces, I had parasols instead of bridesmaid bouquets, bought extra boutonnieres and the hair flower from the resort, the rest was included in the ultimate package.
  5. I just got married on June 23 - it was the best day of my life! We had 80 guests and it was gorgeous. Jacki was fantastic! She really takes care of everything, so don't worry! I have a few tips for future brides: 1) go into Playa del Carmen to get your flowers- I went to Sach- Nah. I was able to get the center pieces for $20 each delivered and they were gorgeous. 2) don't get a full size cake- get one the size for half of your guests. It's going to be big enough. 3) no need to pay for additional toast drinks, people are going to have wine and their own drinks anyway 4) get the ultimate package- the music, extra pics, spa, dinner, etc are well worth it 5) don't get a dj, you hardly have any time after the speeches are over. The iPod was great and Jacki ended up manning it for us. 6) make an agenda- it was helpful for guests 7)splurge on getting someone to photograph the reception, you get to keep all of the photos, the wedding pics- you only get 50... Reception pics were I only $300 extra 8) splurge on a bigger room the day of the wedding, it was worth it to have a gathering place big enough for everyone We did a buffet that everyone ranted about and saved us time. I brought a pic of my hair and they some what accommodated, so you could go either way on that, I also brought my own makeup which was nice to have. Let me know if anyone has more questions, I will post photos when we are state side.... Sara
  6. Hi, I love your pictures! Thanks for sharing. I am wondering if those were taken by the resort photographer. We are getting married on June 23- hard to believe. Can't wait! Sara
  7. Hi Julie, did you find out about the sky lanterns? I was also wanting to bring some, but I don't know if they are legal to bring into the country, let me know!
  8. Allie- You can buy red bull at the sundry shop, but they don't have it at the bar for free, so you might want to bring some down. Most of the drinks are served in glasses, there are mini Coronito glass bottles in your mini fridge in your room. Also they serve draft beer in glasses and coronas at the bar in skinny cans. Hope that helps you!
  9. Alison- I thought the beach was a nice size and not rocky at all. You don't need to bring water shoes. If you ended up doing a beach wedding that would happen over by the lagoon, so it would be very private and away from the main beach. I think the gazebo is gorgeous though and would prefer to do it there if possible. The gazebo only will hold 75 people though and we think we may have more, so I am still up in the air on that decision! Sara
  10. Allison, if you have a chance ask her if there are any wedding day discounts if the wedding party is larger. I am going to send a note with the same question as well. I already asked if the buffet option would be cheaper for a large group and never got a response. I guess I am going to have to stand my ground. Thanks for the quick responses! We visited in October to check out the place and it's goregous, we are getting married on the beach if we have as many people as we think we are going to have and we are renting out the Patio. The food was amazing, the drinks were strong, and all of the weddings we saw were gorgeous. I am really excited about our wedding there! Sara June 23, 2012
  11. Hey, we are having a big wedding, probably 75-100 people in June. Has anyone negotiated any deals for bringing in a lot of people? The packages only cover 20 people, but the revenue we are bringing in is a ton. Just wondering someone was able to increase the number of people covered, get a free room, or get an other wedding cost discounts. Let me know. Thanks! Sara
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