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  1. hi sharon, funny that I am getting married on the 3rd of may! I agree, jackie has been great very patient, since I had a million questions. I hope you are excited too! Selene
  2. Hi ladies! With just a little over a month to go.. am in a bit of a panic.. first of all, where would you recommend to find a good affordable florist in puerto aventuras, and secondly, is it worth it to skip cocktail hour... I heard a few of you mention that. but first the flowers! Im looking for callas, which are expensive no matter where I go and they have to be imported, so the sooner I get on it the better. Thank you Selene
  3. thank you ! I really appreciate that..you managed to fly him down for your wedding for the whole week right? or is he already mexico?
  4. Congratulations on your engagement. so far it seems you're the first 2013 bride in this forum... I hope your planning goes really smoothly too.
  5. Congratulations Allie! with eight months to go the time is just snailing along. Sandra so far is pretty good too.. better if you know spanish. My travel agent emailed her ahead of time to make sure that there is little to no miscommunication. I made my own invites too.. but I only plan to have a max of twenty people. I've been slowly worming my way through the forum when I have the patience to do it. I find it that Im spending more time doing two things. working... and wedding planning. most of that planning is done via email...but i will continue reading and see what I can find. I cant wait for the latest DPA bride to come back and give her review.. I really hope its good! thanks allie
  6. Also does anyone know of a photographer that is close to DPA?I find Im really picky about my pictures.. among other things, what about the dj... I definetely need suggestions for that.. I love to dance!
  7. Im kind of relieved to hear that there are other brides out there getting married around the same time.. My wedding date is set for May 3rd 2012....just in time for cinco de mayo!!! its going to be a blast! but I have to say I really nervous. did anyone have Sandra Sanchez as their coordinator. what about the ballroom.. we booked the ballroom...any opinions on that?
  8. Is it just me or is this just a bridal thing where time seems to go so slooow... its torturous..May seems so far away...how does one do it? did anyone have guests that stayed outside of the dreams resort? and if so, was it hard to get them in for the day?
  9. Hi Asia Jane, I just joined the forum, I too am getting married at the dreams in may, I saw your pictures and noticed that they were done by the resort photographer, who were they? did you have a videographer? I really like the picture of you, holding the bouquet behind you. very romantic.
  10. Hi! I'm getting married In may of next year at DPA!!! totally excited, dont know where to begin! my wedding coordinator is Sandra.. anybody had her? she seems good so far, got lots of questions and am looking forward to hearing as much about weddings at DPA as possible. I really want some nice drapery decor for the gazebo, sunset colors are the theme. Any pictures or stories? love to hear from you brides! cheers! good luck to all the brides of DPA!
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