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    HELP Grand Palladium Brides!!!!

    thank you! I wasn't told that.
  2. soon2bbride1220

    HELP Grand Palladium Brides!!!!

    I know! that was my problem. My WC said that I couldn't even change a pink table runner for the signing table to a white one! I was stunned. Thats why I am going with the Sapphire package because you can go through Tai without a vendors fee and get exactly what you want :-) I am still waiting on prices for the archway and flowers, hopefully it will even out to what I would be paying for the waves of love!
  3. soon2bbride1220

    HELP Grand Palladium Brides!!!!

    I do love the waves of love package - it just doesn't match my bridesmaids colors. I am going to work with Tai directly to get all the flowers I want (which will be cheaper than GP). The Sapphire package doesn't include the "decorated vow space" on their package listing, so I was wondering if you had to get that from Tai or if GP does provide it, they just don't have it listed. It wouldn't be a concern if we were getting married at the gazebo since that is already a beautiful space, but I want the sane between my toes :-)
  4. soon2bbride1220

    HELP Grand Palladium Brides!!!!

    Thank you! I have the newer Tai catalog - I am looking through it now to find the tropical bouquet. Thank you for letting me know I can upgrade too! Are you going to get some sort of archway for the wedding from Tai too? or are you getting married in the Gazebo area? That is why i originally liked the waves of love - because of the starfish pergola they have to offer but I know I will also not use the breakfast on the beach, etc... I would hope they would have some sort of "vow space" set up on the beach for the wedding, even though they don't specify that in the package info. Anyone know anything different? Thanks!
  5. soon2bbride1220

    HELP Grand Palladium Brides!!!!

    Congrats everyone! I am getting married on December 20, 2011 and cannot wait :-) I have been having the same problem picking out a package... Snowbeltchick - in the Sapphire package it says "bridal tropical bouquet" - do you get to pick what flowers you want with Tai or will they just give you what they have determined is a Tropical Bouquet? I asked my WC if she had a picture of what the bouquet would look like and she said she didn't have any pictures. This is why I was going to go with the "Waves of Love" since I could actually see the flowers...any suggestions would help! Thank you everyone for posting! This has made everything so much easier!
  6. soon2bbride1220

    Married at Grand Palladium Jamaica

    Jen, thank you so much for all your helpful information!! I am getting married on 12/20/11 and am trying to work out all the details with the WC through many many emails! You wrote that they provided you with 2 MC's, speaker, and wireless mic for the reception - my WC said they couldn't do this for some reason!!! Can you let me know who your WC was so I can make sure I get that too!!! Also, did you have to pay an extra fee to have a private reception at the Blue Lagoon? Thanks again for the help! We are so excited for our wedding and glad to hear that you had such a great time. Jenny