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  1. Hello! Has anyone had a wedding recently at Na Balam on Isla Mujeres? We are planning a wedding for either Feb or May of 2012, for around 70-95 people. We want to all stay together at a hotel where we can sort of "take over" and be the only guests, nothing too big and resort like. Na Balam looks great, but I am feeling a bit uneasy as we have never been there and might not get a chance to before we have to book it. We would love advice on the best time of year to go, what people think of Na Balam, are mosquitos an issue- also how is the downtown life? All advice welcome! Thank you!
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    Hello, What did you think of getting married at Na Balam? We are looking there as well. Any issues with bugs or weird management (I had read that online)? We wanted all our guests to stay there as well- would love your input. Thanks!
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    Hi! We are planning a wedding on Isla Mujeres, hoping to take over a small hotel and have the wedding there as well. We are thinking about 80-100 people, probably in Feb or May 2012. So far Na Balam has seemed like the best fit (based on Internet research). What do you think?