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  1. Thanks! Yes, we brought all the flowers except the bouquets and ceremony centerpiece!
  2. Just got our slideshow!! http://160512palmieri.dreamsriveriacancun.adventurephotos.com.mx/
  3. Thanks! The flowers I got at michaels, the placemats from crate and barrel, and the lanterns I found online. I don't remember the specific site but if you search for white scroll lanterns, a bunch of places have them!
  4. Thanks! Yes I brought the sashes. The cupcakes were $3 extra for the 20 ppl included in the ultimate package and $5 for any additional ppl. They didn't have a cupcake stand though so I brought my own (it was just a plain white cardboard one that I dressed up a little bit....easy to pack!)
  5. Just got back yesterday from mexico! Everything was better than I could have imagined. Yamina was wonderful to work with. Here is the link to my shutterfly site where I uploaded all of my pictures. Santiago from adventure photos was our photographer. http://drewp.shutterfly.com/pictures/1522
  6. Amanda kirby, could you email me the ceremony script? My email is corio342@yahoo.com. Thanks! Quote: Originally Posted by Amanda Kirby Whats your email Ill forward the Symbolic ceremony script. It actually looks pretty good and you can add in quotes or scripture you want too.
  7. LindseyM, I have a cousin who lives in Mexico. I sent all of my invitations at the end of November and she still has not gotten hers. This makes me very hesitant to ship anything there so I will be bringing all our stuff with us on the plane and just keeping my fingers crossed nothing gets lost!
  8. 2/24/2012 Bud and Jackie 2/25/2012 Mariah and Jens 3/18/2012 William and Kate 4/21/2012 Ankswt03 (Amanda and Jeremy) 4/22/2012 SweetMelissa (Melissa & Nick) 5/12/2012 Dimplesandsuga 5/16/2012 Corio342 (Corey and Andrew) 5/21/2012 CKNMVS 5/23/2012 Aimeelaco28 5/24/2012 weddingprincess (Shannon & Brad) 6/3/2012 Mrskatieperry (Katie and PJ) 6/9/2012 Ssapper 6/18/2012 juliej84 (Julie and Ash) 7/20/2012 LindseyM (Lindsey & Kevin) 7/28/2012 Mnunez 8/7/2012 Nj2012 (Nikki & Joe) 8/10/12 Annie & Jon 8/24/2012 Sarah-Jane (Sarah and James) 9/1/2012 Cbandemer (Colleen & Brian) 11/19/2012 melinmontana (Melissa and Kael) 12/17/2012 Savs1027 (Savanah and John) 4/27/2013 Vika Yakovleva (Vika & Anthony) 5/3/2013 Kthorpe
  9. Does anyone know if there's a charge for guests to get into the resort on the wedding day if they are staying somewhere else?
  10. Does anyone know if there's a charge for guests to get into the resort on the wedding day if they are staying somewhere else?
  11. jkhowell, do you mind sharing the name of the catamaran company? I was thinking about doing something like this too, but not sure who to go with! thanks!
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