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  1. Your welcome. I thought Tai Flora were excellent to deal with and the chair ties were a pretty close match to the color I sent. Good luck!
  2. Hi there. The resort only have white, silver and lime green I believe. The bouquets and chair ties were provided by Tai Flora. Sorry, I don't know the name of the blue ties. I sent them a picture. I'm sure you could do the same...send my picture if you like. Hope that helps. Best of luck with the planning. Your day will be amazing. The girls at the grand are awesome. Emma
  3. Thank you. I was so nervous....I used to being behind the camera I'd love to see some of your photos. Do you have a link? Facebook? I totally agree....Merrick was amazing and made us feel so amazing!
  4. Hello everyone. It's been a while since I came back to this site. Things have been quite busy since we got back from our destination wedding in Jamaica. My fiance and I were married at the Iberostar Grand Hotel Rose Hall (http://thegrandcollection.com/gall) in May 2012. It was out-of-this-world!! We could not have asked for more! Not knowing what to accept and putting our wedding plans in the hands of a stranger at the resort was so scary! I'm hoping the follwing two links will help anyone that is wondering about the Iberostar resort. The first link will also help if you're looking for a wedding photographer...Merrick Cousley was fantastic!! http://www.iemmaphotographer.blogspot.ca/2012/06/our-wedding-tribute-to-merrick-june.html http://www.iemmaphotographer.blogspot.ca/2012/06/jamaica-travel-june-2012.html Enjoy. Emma Iberostar Grand Hotel Rose Hall Bride | May 2012
  5. Hi Miss Honey Bee How exciting. This resort looks amazing! My fiance and I are getting married on May 14th. We leave May 11th and will be staying at the Grand until the 18th. What is your date?
  6. Hi ladies Thank you for the ideas. They're all fantastic. I do LOVE the glass bottle idea so guests can take sand home with them - I think it would be a nice activity for everyone as well.
  7. Hi everyone. I've been looking around this site for awhile and found a ton of very useful info and ideas. My fiance and I are getting married at the Iberostar Grand Rose Hotel in Montego Bay, Jamaica in May. I posted looking for ideas for gifts to give guests traveling to Jamaica with us. We'd like to do something other than OOT bags. If anyone has any ideas, please visit the thread or post here. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/77945/gift-for-guests-other-than-oot-bags-ideas-please Thanks. Happy planning!
  8. Thank you for the info Carly. I'll have a look at the links you sent. Thank you Jen. I like that idea! Its really hard to come up with an idea other than OOT bags. If you think of anything else, please let me know. Emma
  9. Hi there This is the first time I've posted here. Not sure if I'm posting in the right place. My fiance and I are getting married in Jamaica in May. We want to do something for the people traveling with us. We thought about doing OOT bags, but would prefer to do something different as we've attend DW's and receive OOT bags and so have many of our DW guests. We've thought about sending our guests a framed photo from our wedding - perhaps us with each couple - or having a gift on the table when we have dinner at the resort after the wedding. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated? Thanks Emma
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