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    You are too funny! "Go Cards" actually refers to the University of Louisville Cardinals! We live in Louisville, KY. We watch the Reds too (they are sort of our local team). We actually watched the game the other night. Hubby is a huge Yankees fan though (he grew up in Teaneck, NJ)!

    After I sent it I noticed that you were from Louisville, so I was thinking it was even worse if you were an STL fan ha ha

  2. Originally Posted by leigh3124 View Post


    Hey guys! We have been home almost 2 weeks now! I haven't written my official review yet, but everything was wonderful! Ramon totally rocked and everything far exceeded my expectations. We are already talking about going back next year for our anniversary. We both lament the fact that it was all over too fast. We are suffering the wedding bell blues here...lol! Feel free to ask us anything!

    I thought I would share some photos. We brought our own photographer. He took over 2400 pics over the weekend. This first link is some of his detail shots.

    This link is to his shots that are more people centered. The password is "gocards"


    We also had the resort photographer for an hour as part of the divine package. We used them for cocktail hour, since our photographer was busy doing the family portraits. Here is the link to the resort photographer's cocktail hour album.


    The password should be "sweep" lol j/p  I am moving to Columbus, OH on Saturday and am a huge Reds fan.. I was just in Cincy to watch them sweep the cards.  

  3. Originally Posted by hayleymarch13 View Post


    Hi all,


    Loved reading this thread and getting advise on the hotel as I am getting married in March. Can anyone tell me if they know whether we are charged for drinks during the meal? I notice there are charges for the cocktail reception but no mention of beverages during the meal?


    Thanks x

    Drinks are included with the dinner.

  4. Originally Posted by Min12kow View Post


    Hi everyone! This blog has been super helpful in my planning, however I can't find an answer for this question. I have e-mailed Anel with no response so I am hoping one of you will have the answer. Does anyone know the dimensions of the rectangular tables? Trying to figure out centerpieces and runners, and would love to know! Thanks!

    Sorry I tried looking on my old emails but the only info I could find is that Anel said they both hold up to 10 people but there was never dimensions.  

  5. Originally Posted by leigh3124 View Post


    What Facebook does she use? Her own personal? The resort's page? Some other page all together? We leave for our wedding in a week and I haven't been able to get in contact her in 3 weeks! I have several questions that'd I need answered ASAP (i.e. our rehearsal time, and welcome reception time) so I can finish my welcome book.


    Yes it is her personal one Anel Torres

  6. Originally Posted by LTLFAITHY View Post


    I will! I emailed Anel this morning inquiring about the required number and price/person to do a buffet ~ but you know how that goes, it could be a few weeks before I hear anything (LOL). But I'll be sure to post the info as soon as I get it. 


    We found that Anel communicates on Facebook quite frequently so that may be an idea.

  7. Originally Posted by LTLFAITHY View Post


    Does anybody have any advice regarding whether or not to use a TA?? We have been in touch with one of the TA's from this forum (Teresa) and she has been great! We are just waiting for the contract for the room block to come back from the resort (Now Sapphire). Today however, I was looking at some online travel sites and it looks like booking a "Flight & Hotel" package is less expensive (by between $70-$100) than if guests book the hotel through the TA and their flights separately......................has anybody else run into this?? I'm super confused about what to do now. 


    For anybody who booked their rooms through an online travel site where there any additional hotel taxes that you had to pay once you arrived that weren't included in the Travelocity, Expedia, Hotels.com, etc. pricing??


    Thanks for any suggestions on this. We are really trying to be conscious of making this trip as affordable as possible for our guests.



    I know that the prices we received from our TA also included roundtrip transfers to the airport.  We also received a free room for every 6 booked or something like that... So those are deals that you would not receive though Expedia, and such.  WE just had everyone book their flights on their own, one guy did have the travel agent book his flight but I just put down $100 per room and reserved 25 rooms.  

  8. This is what our guests paid for tropical view:


    Single: $516 for 3 nights; $160 each additional night

    Double: $403 pp for 3 nights; $123 pp each additional night

    Triple: $393 pp for 3 nights; $119 pp each additional night

    Children 3 - 12: $185 for  3 nights; $50 each additional night

    Children 2 and under: $38 for the whole time.

    Resort is an all-inclusive resort so all drinks, food, and tips are included.  These prices also include airport transfers to and from the resort.  Please check out the Flights tab for information on booking your flights.


  9. Originally Posted by LTLFAITHY View Post


    Hello Everyone! So my fiance and I decided on our 4.27.13 for our wedding a little while ago, but we hadn't actually "reserved" the date. I e-mailed Anel (4/27) with a question about moving forward with the booking process and I never heard back, so I e-mailed Ramon (5/7) and I haven't heard back from him either!!!!!!! 


    Is this the norm?? Not hearing back for weeks? And does anybody have any suggestions on how to get in touch with the wedding coordinators? 

    Yes it is definitely normal.  We were there two weeks ago and they are so busy right now. They typically concentrate on the weddings that are coming up.  If I was you I would just comment on their Facebook Wall that you are waiting to hear if your wedding date is available and then you usually get a response.  

  10. Originally Posted by HeatherViolet View Post


    Wow.... everyone's pictures are AMAZING!  You all look so happy and so good!!!

    My finace, Ryan and I leave a week from today for our May 25th wedding at the Sapphire.  I am sooooooo excited!

    We are doing the Beach Terrace for everything... and by the looks of all of your pictures, I think we made the right choice!


    One quick question for any of you....

    Do you need to bring an electric plug adapter?  I have stayed at other resorts in Riviera Maya, and we had to have an adapter to curl your hair, plug in your MP3 Player, etc.  Do you need that for this resort?


    This forum is wonderful... thanks for all of your help with planning.  I would normally be nervous about having my wedding at a place I had never been before, but because of all of your help.... I haven't "freaked out" yet!



    Heather Violet


    No adapter is needed.  I was able to easily charge my ipad and iphone.  

  11. We had our ceremony on the beach and reception and cocktail hour on tequila terrace.  Our ceremony was at 5.  There was another wedding at 4 a little bit further down the beach but the only time we saw them was as me and the guys were walking to our location and when we were getting our pictures taken.  


    We actually got lucky as all 3 restaurants by the tequila terrace were closed that night so it was very private.  



    Originally Posted by craftygal View Post

    That's a perfect picture. Thank you.  I'm sure I've read that you got married on the beach. Was it off the tequila terrace? I believe there is someone in the time slot before the one we're looking at. I was wondering if they were having their reception on the tequila terrace if that would effect us having the ceremony on the beach. Any thoughts on that?


    PS. You're an amazing resource. Thank you so much for answering all these questions.


  12. Originally Posted by Cnicole51911 View Post




    How did it go? Me and another girl on here are getting married there next weekend!  We have been looking at the forecasts for next weekend, and so far for wednesday thursday and friday there is a 60% chance of rain :-/

    My questions is, how was the weather for you? I'm alittle worried. Being that I am from houston, I am used to thunderstorms and 60% chance of rain does not plant a pretty picture for my imaginations sake...



    Before we left the same thing happened to us... The weather said it was 60% chance of rain the whole week I never said anything to Jami and just went along with it.  As the time got closer the 60% changed down to 20%.  


    The only time I saw rain drops while I was there was when we landed at the Cancun airport and were in the vehicle.  As soon as we arrived at the resort there was no more rain and no rain the entire time...

  13. I know it took me a little while to hear from Anel and I was surprised that when I did hear from her that she never received my planning form so I got that sent again.  She did confirm that she received it and also sent me back confirmation of the private transfers...


    Our taxi is picking us up at 4:45 AM tomorrow and we should be at Now Sapphire around 1ish.  


    Originally Posted by Vanessa56 View Post

    Hi Everyone. 


    Just wanted to let you know that we had our wedding this past Saturday.  Everything was absolutely beautiful.  I willl post more information and pictures later, but just wanted to stop in and let you know that you do not have anything to worry about.  Anel is absolutely wonderful!!!!


    Glad to hear that everything went great.  We leave in 8 days and the wedding is in 11 days.  


    Originally Posted by Noxx View Post

    Any Canadian Brides Booked at the Now Sapphire? I am trying to figure out who to book with a travel agent, wedding specialist or right through the hotel for the best deal


    I worked with Wendy Hicks from Wright Travel who I believe is a sponsor of this forum and everything has worked out great so far.  We will arrive at Now Sapphire in 9 days.


    Originally Posted by mic813 View Post

    Hi all,


    I am two weeks into my engagement but have been on this website for a few months now.  It is fabulous.  So much condensed information.  Thank you all.


    I am leaning towards the Now Resorts but how did you all decide between the Now Jade and Now Sapphire?  I am trying to figure out what the main differences are.




    For me I actually tried Now Jade first but they didn't have the date we wanted available so then I tried Now Sapphire and they did.  I think if you go back through the convos there is someone that went to both resorts the same week and she gave her thoughts,. 



    Originally Posted by Vanessa56 View Post


    Has anyone used the ipod for the cocktail hour/reception? We do not have an ipod, but I recently won an ipad and would like to use that.  Does anyone know if we're allowed to use an ipad? My concern is that the hotel is docking the ipod.  If they're hooking it up to a computer, it should not be a problem.


    I am sure someone will respond with the answer to that question as I have read that many people have used it and I am planning on using it for the cocktail hour as well.  


    If you have an AUX cable I am sure the Ipad would still work even with the docking station.  Most docking stations that have the "Apple"

     input will also have an AUX input.

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