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  1. The fee is $300 per vendor except for videographer and photographer. I would just use their vendors. They did a fantastic job with my flowers. i brought her pictures of what I wanted and the flowers were out of season and the charge was $200 just for my bouquet. So when she started talking to her flower vendor then did something similar and it just came out beautful and no additional cost since it was part of our package. I just got married on June19th!
  2. no, they don't have an extra charge. They will charge you a fee of $350 if you bring in your own florist, cake or any other outside vendors.
  3. You should definitely go with Citalli Rico! she is amazing and have won several awards throughout the years. She is simply fantastic. She was our wedding photographer two weeks ago where we got married at the Now Jade. She is based in Cancun and you will not be disappointed. Here's a link to her blog in case you like to see her work. http://www.citlallirico.com/blog/# Good luck! Vanessa
  4. HI Bride to be, I just got married last Tuesday and everything was beautiful!! I would say you can let Pilar know at least two days before you arrive. She can then tell the kitchen which Devine dinner package you would like. We just did Devine 2 and it was great! all of our guests really loved it. Deisy is super sweet, She and Pilar handled my entire wedding being that I was the only wedding happening that day so I totally got more attention. Typically on the weekends they can do up to 3 weddings. Just know that in case it rains your recepition will be in the Bamboo room which is still nice. It drizzled for a little bit and she didn't want to take chances so she moved it inside which I kinda of liked better. Hope this helps! Vanessa
  5. Yes the sport club does turn into a sport club only until 1pm. I'm planning on having everyone go there after the reception to keep the party going. It's a pretty big space and the DJ is nice.
  6. Go with the Devine package!!!! you get a better option for food and more upgrades. My fiance and I were luckly enough to fly down there last year to see it in person, we didn't want to take chances of just seeing pictures. We didn't want to go with their photographer, personally I didn't like them at all. We had a chance to see two weddings while we were down there. Pilar and her crew does an amazing job!! even things that need to be changed last minute. If you are still looking for a photographer I highly recommend Citalli Rico! We had a chance to meet her and see her work while we were down there. Her's her blog so that you can see her work. She has won a lot of awards! She is based in Cancun and has done a lot of weddings! Since we are having our own photograher Pilar gave me credit for other things like upgrading my chairs to Tiffany chairs instead of the regular chairs. As far as flowers I say stick with them because they charge you a fee of $350 for outside vendors and it's totally not worth it! http://www.citlallirico.com/blog/ You will have a lovely time, the resort is beautiful and everyone is so friendly and even though its been almost a year since I've been there i have complete faith in Pilar to get everything done. Make sure you email her at least a month out and let her know when your guest are arriving and every detail about your cake and flowers. She will try to get it as close as possible. If you have any other questions please let me know! Vanessa
  7. My fiance and I both went down to see the resort back in July and it was AMAZING! we also got a chance to view the Now Sapphire and the Now Jade has a nicer location.. We are having our reception on the terrace which hold enough people for 50-60. I think we have a total of 40-50 people coming to our wedding. I think it you have the long table instead of the round tables you should be ok with having enough room for dancing. The bamboo room is nice and it's a good backup in case it rains. As for decorations.. it is expensive if you do send them by mail. I'm having a suitcase for that and my mom is bringing some too. I say try and have everyone bring in a suitcase if possible just so that you aren't spending so much in flying it out there.... Hope that helps Vanessa
  8. Katie, don't use their photographers!!!! i was there a couple months back when I was looking at every resort for my wedding and I got a chance to see at least 3 weddings there. Their photographer style isn't good at all! it if you want something memorable get a local photographer to bring down cost if you like. I lso met with three local photographer based in Cancun and decided to go with Citalli Rico! she's AMAZING!!!! Now Jade doesn't charge you a fee for bringing in your own videographer or photograher. You want to be careful with using other vendors because they charge you a $350 per vendor. hope this helps! Vanessa
  9. Yes we did! I think if you want to keep the reception inside go with the bamboo room because if you rent out any of the other restaurant it's $1000 to have your reception there. We are having it on the terrace, it looks so pretty and I really wanted it to be outside. What my fiance decided to do was go there in person see the resort and speak to the coordinator. If you can do it! it helped me and made me feel so much better! We went with the Divine package, we are going to hire our own photographer since there's isnt' that good. We got a chance to see some weddings and they both went with the house photographer which I feel they didn't know what they were doing... If you want to go with a local photographer pick Citalli Rico! she is amazing!!!!! we got a chance to meet with her in person and she's been shooting for five years with her sister. She has won many awards and she is definitely worth every penny. I am planning on bringing in my own decoration since all the packages come with just basic white linens and basic chairs. If you want picture let me know and i can email them to you... Hope this helps. Vanessa
  10. I can understand your worry! that's why my finance and I decided to fly to the resort and see it in person! While we were there I made sure I booked a couple of appointment with the photographers we thought was the best of the best! All of them were all real nice when we met them but since we know a lot about photographer we just wanted to be sure we knew... It also depends on your budget! we were trying to stay within the 2k and you can definitely do that if you get a local photographer. I definitely recommend Citalli Rico! she tells a story with her pictures! Who we also considered and was just as good (better in price though) was Sasha Gluck! I'm sure either one you will love, that's if you like that style of photography. Good luck! Vanessa
  11. I am also curious about what your original budget was and in the end what you both spent in the end! I am planning on having my wedding at the Jade next May 2012 and I was wondering if I should visit the resort first to see if we like it... What do you recommend?
  12. I also am looking at the Jade resort for my wedding. I'm looking at May 2012 as well. I'm only having about 50 guest attending but I wanted to see if you received any quotes from the wedding coordinator? did you receive any perks?? I'm torn between the Sapphire and the Jade. thanks, Vanessa
  13. I am new to this site and see how informative it is. I wanted to see if any of you brides had a good experience at the Now Sapphire Resort in Mexico. My fiance and I are still looking for the right resort. It definitely needs to be family friendly. I've been looking at the packages and they seem resonable but you're not getting much. I have 50 guest so I want to make sure i'm getting a good deal as well as a resort that i will love. Any help would be greatly appreciated ! Vanessa
  14. Do you by chance have her email address? I tried calling her didn't get a hold of her. Much appreciated.
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