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  1. Hello ladies, not long to go now, we fly on the 15th and get married on the 18th. Quick question: Chandlyn has copies of our birth certificates but do we need to bring the originals with us too? x
  2. I'm on the 18th!! We arrive on the 15th. 'Let's get together and feel alrgith!' I'm saddened to hear people's experiences with Chandlyn and Donalee, I have nothing but good to say about them, they have been very helpful.
  3. Hi guys, I need some ideas please!! I am doing little gift bags for everyone for the dinner table and am looking for ideas to put in them. I have keyrings, flower seeds, shot glasses, what else!!!!!!???? I need something really unusual and different. The bags are not that big, about 8inx6in. Thank you!!! xx
  4. We are at midday on the Friday (if on time!!), I am really looking forward now, xx
  5. Of course, come and see us!! There are a few that week so I will be doing the same as you!! x
  6. Hi, we are getting married at midday on the 18th. We were going for 11am but opted for midday instead. We arrive on the 15th (8 of us in total) we wanted the wedding quite quickly after arriving so we can then relax, plus I don't have to worry about not fitting into my dress by the end!! We fly from Gatwick on the 15th at 9.30am I think it is. We got engaged at the Bahia 2 years ago, it is magical, the staff etc are amazing. There are a few places in the UK that do the sand ceremony kits so I may look into it x
  7. Hey FleetMac, you will be there when we are, we leave on the 29th. Very excited!! I was also told it was $500 x
  8. Thank you, I shall look up the sand ceremony, it sounds really nice and something I have never heard of before! Thank you x
  9. Hi guys, my name is Lisa, from the UK and I too am getting married there on the 18th November this year. There are 8 of us all together travelling over from England. I have looked at all these amazing pictures with tears in my eyes!! I have a couple of questions if someone could help me........ What is the Sand ceremony please and how would I go about it, I loved the pictures of the sand being put into the same container! Also, how did you guys get your dress over there? I am thinking of getting one of those men's suit bag things! I can't believe I've only just found this website!!!! xxxxx