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  1. Hi Ladies, I have a few last minute questions...I'm wondering what some of you have tipped the following people: -wedding co-ordinator -bartenders for private pool side reception - waiters at dinner Thanks. Sarah
  2. Hey Everyone, I'm leaving on Saturday and the wedding is on Tuesday. Very exciting... We have 102 people going, so it's going to be a once in a lifetime trip. Unfortunately, my neck is just clearing up from ringworm (fungus) and then woke up today and my eye is swollen... never had anything like this in my life and then right before the wedding BAM! Oh well, I'm banking on makeup (and medication) to do the trick. I wanted to say thank-you to everyone.. I don't participate too much on here but certainly have read every page... You all offer such good advice. Tlseegee thank-you for your wealth of information and pictures. I really appreciate it. I do have one last question for you. What did you say about the music and the old CD players? What kind of file do I need and which do I need to avoid? I'll be sure to write a detailed review when I get back. Thanks, Sarah
  3. Glad to hear he may be coming home. I wish you health and a beautiful wedding day. Sarah
  4. This could be a really dumb question. How do you download songs for the ceremony without them being mp3's?
  5. Thanks for the advice ladies. I will do the speeches at the beginning and perhaps throughout dinner. Thanks.
  6. Hey, Has anyone done speeches while at dinner in the restaurant? I'm hoping to do this so that I can save time at the poolside party. Just wondering if it would work or not. Thanks.
  7. Those are great pictures. You're a beautiful bride. Can't wait to read your review. Good tip about the photographer. Are we allowed to ask for no resort photographer? Or, will they just come anyway? Thanks for the tip about the Villas.
  8. Hey, Sorry.. I'm staying at Coba... that's where I am looking for a 'good' building.
  9. Hey, Can I ask which building you requested and why? We're travelling with Sunquest, does that mean they have a certain section? How much more is 'the Club Golden'? What perks do you get? Can you purchase it when you get down there? Or, through your travel agent? Thanks.
  10. Thank-you for posting these pics. It's great to see what the party and restaurant will look like. I really appreciate it! Thanks!
  11. Tlseege, like I always say, you're a wealth of information! When you get a second, I'd love to see pictures of Portofino and the Coba poolside reception if you have them. I also have a few questions for everyone: 1) How does the seating arrangement work for dinner. I have around 95ish guests. Does anyone know how they set up Portofino table wise? 2) If I bring one of the Photobooth companies in for the reception, do I have to pay the resort a fee? Is it still $90? 3) Has anyone had a large wedding at Tulum Palapas location? I'm trying to figure out how they set up the aisles. I want to bring down a decoration for each aisle (on each side), can't seem to get an answer from wedding co-ordinator. 4) I dont't have to bring centerpieces right? There will be something on the tables? Even if it's something simple.... Thanks
  12. Hey Everyone, I am looking at getting maracas when I'm down there. I will need around 95. The wedding co-ordinator wrote back to tell me that they're $8 each at the Hacienda... Is this true? Has anyone bought them there before? I swear that I saw a post where someone thought they were cheaper, but, can't find it now. I'm also wondering if anyone knows if the Hacienda sells starfish? I'd need about 20 of them. Thanks, Sarah
  13. Hi Everyone, Hope everyone has a had a great start to their New Year. My wedding is on March 13.... whoa! That's getting really close! I was hoping to create a letter or tips to give to my guests before they go... (We have 90 ish people going)... I thought about including the following information. I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions that I can add. -bring lots of sunscreen (as it's expensive at the resorts) -bring mosquito repellant -febreeze (as I've heard the rooms are musty) -bring walkie talkies (has anyone done this? Does it work?) -pack bathing suit and essentials in carry on just in case airline loses luggage... -bring a mug to keep drinks cold -the safe is $5 a day -bring water shoes and snorkeling stuff if you want I'd also like to add a map... does anyone have one? And, some information about the trolleys and then the wedding day itself. Can you think of any other tips? Thanks, Sarah
  14. Hi, I really like the idea of a 'welcome brochure'. Can I ask what kind of details you're including? Thanks.
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