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  1. Just wanted to share a few photos of our wedding day. We got married April 20th at Sensatori.
  2. Thanks for the support people. I'm trying to not let little things overcome me!! Cant believe its 10 days until we fly and only 17 days until the big day!!! Eeeek!!! x
  3. I wish I could say I was ready but the pre-wedding stress has landed.....i found out yesterday that my bridesmaid is staying in a hotel almost 80km away from the hotel we are getting married in so she has at least an hour and half drive there and back (with a baby .....and also pregnant). Just hope they can hire a car or negotiate a cheap taxi price. Also Ive finalised and paid for all wedding extras through Lomas travel, only to find an extra family member has dedcided to attend. I found out LAST NIGHT!! So I dont have enough name cards, favour boxes, chairs, bows, boutineres, food, drink etc and need to add onto the lomas booking. There is a 5 hour time difference to consider and we fly out to mexico NEXT Friday!!! Talk about stressed. BUT I'm determined not to let these little hitches ruin the day!!! Just a tip to those who have more time for planning.....no matter how much you plan to perfection, expect some last minute hic-ups and then at least you wont being stressing as much as me!! xxx
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  5. Hi Melissa Thanks for your reply. We are having a beach cocktail party and also a beach reception. We have decided to keep things as they are with 3 round tables. Im sure the hotel will provide a lovely set up for us and think I'm over worrying!! I'm over the fact that people have dropped out now and those that want to be there will be...thats all that matters I suppose. I looked into the long banquet table but decided against it. I know 19 of us isnt a lot especially when we have ordered a DJ and dancefloor but then again we'll still have a ball!!! xxx
  6. Ive not been on here for a few weeks. Ive been so busy with other bits of the wedding planning. Its great to see so many of you moving forward with your plans! As the wedding draws closer I am finding more and more hurdles to jump!! Unfortunately our wedding party of 24 has dropped to 17 adults, 2 children. I'm so worried about the set up of the wedding. I have opted for the beach BBQ and worried it will look ridiculous with only 3 tables and a dancefloor for such a small number. Has anyone else had a wedding or booked a wedding with numbers of less than 20? A few people have said I'm worrying over nothing but it matters to me that the set-up looks right! Hoping you guys can advise Amy x
  7. Thanks for the reply Hoping your wedding day is perfect. I wish I only had a few days to wait!!! Best Wishes x
  8. Hi Ladies, I'm getting married at Azul Sensatori in April next year and was wondering whether there is anyone willing to share a video of their special day so I can get a general feel for order of events etc and also what the beach is really like. I am getting married on the beach and not the sky deck, but any videos would be appreciated as we are in the process of ordering mens attire and we are unsure whether suits would be too hot. Happy wedding planning!!! Amy
  9. Has anyone given the legal ceremony / personal vows some thought? I have looked at the legal ceremony script and I am not keen on it at all.....I just don't agree with half the things the Judge will be referring to!! I wanted to add in some information for example ' foundations of marriage, symbolism of rings, our own vows etc'.....apparently you cannot alter any of the wording. I'm panicking because the vows and order of service / ceremony script is the most important part of a wedding (to me anyway!). Advice please ladies
  10. I'm still on the windy road to finding the perfect photographer, however the DJ is booked (DJ Doremixx)...yeah!!! I've narrowed photography down to 3 possiblities (there were afew more but they are already booked). I'm debating between Ivan Luckie, Claudia Rodriguez or Mexican Wedding Photos. Is anyone aware who might be the best option?
  11. Hi Ladies, Really disappointed as I have just learnt that we would have to pay a total of $1600 outside vendor fees alone if we opt for DJ Mania / Doremixx and Elizabeth Medina for photography. I find this scandalous!! Can anyone shed any light on the justification for paying $1600 dollar fees on top of the DJ and photographers own fees? Am devastated to say the least. Anyone been through or going through the same situation?
  12. As far as I am aware we have to pay $800 outside vendor fee for DJ Mannia. I have emailed del sol photography and unfortunately they no longer work in Karisma hotels Staying positive though for now and hoping I find someone!!
  13. Thanks for the reply. Photos are brilliant. You look stunning. I take it you had to pay the outside vendor fee for DJ Mannia and the photographer?
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