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  1. Finally married!!! Here is a quick review: The Resort: I thought it was beautiful!! It was very spread out but it was perfect for our size group (35). We didn't have to be on top of each other for the entire trip. Anyone that had trouble getting around could call for a ride and someone would be there in no time. That was nice for my Nana and my father. The landscaping was amazing and they took really good care of it. The beach was beautiful!! Big waves though. We never had a hard time finding a spot : ) The food: was good. Some places better than others. The Japanese place seemed to be a hit with our group. Another favorite was the French. Lunches were my least favorite....but I am kind of picky. Breakfast was always really good with lots of fresh fruits and juices. I usually ate a late breakfast and waited until dinner. Check in/check out: Everyone in our group seemed to get through pretty quickly. We did on one day have 27 people arrive at the same time so that slowed down the check in process....but what do you expect. We did have some charges on our room when we checked out that weren't correct but they took care of it no problem. The room: We had an Emerald Jr. suite. We chose this one because it was the closest to the beach....but it was the furthest away from everything else. The room was really nice though. You couldn't really see the beach just a sliver of water. There really wasn't any beachfront rooms at this resort. Everyone else in our party was in building 5 and 6 so it was easy to find people. The one thing I wished they would have done is given a phone list to everyone there. You could easily lose track of people. The Staff: WAS AMAZING!!!! Special props to Ana!! I had Veronica as a wedding coordinator. She e-mailed me the week before my wedding and said she was leaving her position and that Ana was taking over. It made me nervous to say the least. Once I talked with Ana in person she put my mind at ease. The Wedding: Again I can't say enough good things about Ana. She was very helpful and answered all my questions. I brough decorations for the dinner and she set them up perfectly. I had Itzel do my hair and make-up and she did an amazing job!!! I thought the make-up was a little heavy when I was indoors but after I saw the pictures I loved it. My mom and bridesmaid also had their hair done and both looked beautiful!! They steamed my dress perfect. The photographer (Blue Lens) showed up an hour before the ceremony in my room. I will detail photos more later. The ceremony was on the beach. It was perfect!!!!! I had given Ana my ipod and she played the music just as I asked. The minister Kiko did an amazing job as well. We all took some pictures then the rest of the crowd headed for the cocktail party which was in the gazebo. The bugs were awful!!!! Ana was handing out bug spray to everyone. We arrived late to the cocktail party because we were finishing pictures. I didn't get any of the appetizers so not sure how they were. From there we went to the Mexican terrace for dinner. Our dinner was incredible!!! Best meal I ate on the resort. Well worth the money. We did the ceaser salad, lobster bisque, surf and turf and some chocolate thing for desert. Then wedding cake. My cake was beautiful!! I didn't really like it but everyone else did. At that point I was full anyway : ) From dinner we went on the the plaza for a late night of dancing. Photography: I was nervous about this too. I had encountered a few Blue lens people on the resort before the wedding and they were not friendly at all. The photographer I got was awesome!! I can't remember his name off the top of my head....He was very complimentary and really knew what he was doing. My fiance isn't the most photogenic person but you would have never thought it after looking at our photos. Our wedding was on a Friday and we had all the digital copies in hand Sunday morning. The only thing we didn't get yet was the video. Here are a few pics below. They are hard to put on here for some reason. All in all it by far beat my expectaions!!!!!!!! They did great. If anyone has any questions at all I would be happy to answer any : )
  2. Great review!! You looked amazing!! We have the same colors : ) Glad everything turned out so well. I have about 6 weeks to go! Again, your review was very helpful!! Congrats!
  3. Nikki: Have soooo much fun and enjoy every minute!! Can't wait to hear all about your wedding!!
  4. Ali- I also am doing the unforgettable package and we were wanting to add some things as far as photos go. They sent us the same crazy price list!! I am hoping that we can get it figured out once we are down there. My mom will be down there before me so I am hoping she will get all that taken care of so I don't have to worry ; ) Where are you doing your dinner/reception?? I am hoping they stay for the majority of the night!! Then we get to choose the pics we want?? 3 weeks that is sooooo exciting!!! I hear you on all the stuff I am lugging down....hello bag fees!! Jamie
  5. Your review was great!! A huge help. I am glad we have decided to switch resorts after 5 days. We are going to Excellance Playa Mujeres. A lot of our guests are making a vacay out of it and we wanted some privacy after the wedding. Your comments on the make-up/hair concern me a little. Is your hair that short??? I think I will only have 3-4 people getting spa services the day of the wedding so hopefully that will not overwelm them. Also very glad to hear the wedding dinner was good!! I had heard otherwise. How many guests did you have??? Can't wait to see photos : ) Congratulations!!!!!! Jamie
  6. Thanks Nikki!! I will e-mail her and see what she says. Hopefully they can hang on to them. It would save me having to bring even more things down!! Plus I am running out of $$$$$!!! I'll let you know what I find out!!
  7. Nikki- I love your centerpieces!!! If they are going to keep them around I would love to use a few for my cocktail party : ) I have some for dinner already. Those are my colors and everything!! My wedding is December 9th. I would love to use them if you don't mind. Let me know and I can tell Veronica as well : ) Thanks!! Jamie
  8. We are getting no breaks at all! The only thing I was told we don't have to pay extra for is we are doing a quick rehersal run through the morning before the wedding. Veronica informed me there would be no charge. I am getting centerpieces from them but I didn't think they were too bad in cost...32 a piece. They are just white lillies in square glass containers. I am bringing the marbles to put in them. I will also bring the votive candles. I am keeping decorating simple.... I do agree with MrsJohns2be about the packages including things that I have no interest in. The other part that gets me is that the cheapest package includes a centerpiece but the others do not...???? Another thing that irritated me is that you can only choose one option for the dinner. I would like to have 2 options is that too much to ask???? Oh an is anyone else worried about getting their dress down there in one piece?????? Starting to worry about that too. And cutting the cocktail party....I see no problem with that at all. You are going to miss the whole thing anyway. That would be a huge cost saver.
  9. I am 12/9/11 so pretty close. We are doing a private reception with dinner. How many people do you have?? I have read on here that if you have a pretty small group they are really good about getting you in for dinner elsewhere(non-private). Instead of the private afterparty just plan on going to the same place for drinks, then you don't have to pay for the open bar....again depending on how many people you have. I am totally with you on some of the pricing it doesn't make sense to me because it is an all-inclusive and these meals/drinks would still be consumed if there wasn't a wedding. I am just trying to stay positive and hope the extra money will equal an extra special day : ) I know that is hard sometimes. What are you doing for photography?
  10. MrsAlmaguer2011- I totally understand how you feel! I went through that when we started planning. I figured that they would give you a break on costs the more people you booked but that is absolutley not the case! I wish I would have known this before I invited so many people. I have tried to trim costs here and there. I am bringing decorations...if you do them yourself you will save a ton! I also decided the groomsmen didn't need boutineers. Just try and cut things here and there and it won't add up to what you think. We also aren't doing a dj or anything...we will be in a beautiful setting with friends/family and drinks...that should be entertainment enough : ) When is your date? Jamie
  11. Hi Vanessa! My name is Jamie and I am getting married the day before you Dec. 9th, 2011! It sounds like you have a very large group going. We have about 45 people booked so far. I have never been to the resort so that part has been hard but it sounds as though everyone who has loves it!! It will be nice to compare notes as we go : ) Jamie
  12. Your review was very helpful Ali!! I am getting married December 9th 2011. I am looking forward to seeing how everything goes for you!! I am one of the many that is planning blind. I did have one question for you. Just curious what you were doing as far as photography??? I am also doing the unforgettable package and I know it includes some photos. Did you get any details on that while you were there?? I have 42 guests...working on 45 : ) I have Veronica as well. She has been really prompt on getting back to me through e-mail which is nice. Did you have any pictures of the other restuarants? She gave us options for our reception/dinner at the lobster pot or the mexican place. Just curious. She had sent me photos but the quality was a bit lacking. I really appreciate all you helpful info!!!!! Jamie
  13. Question. Are any of you ladies using blue lens for your photographers?? Wondering if you have to contact the blue lens yourself to ask about details. I am doing the unforgetable package and some photos are included. Just curious anyone had any extra info on the photos. Thanks!! 43 booked...Come on December 9th ; )
  14. Did you say you are "renting" a sound system?? What does that cost? So many things to think about!! And I agree with you about the welcome dinner!! It is all inclusive why would we pay for ANOTHER meal for everyone?? Jamie
  15. Jane: You will have to let me know how it goes!!! You are getting so close! Which package did you choose?? I am sure that it will be perfect!! : ) Jamie
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