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  1. it will be perfect Ali12! congratulations on your engagement....
  2. Hello BDW Brides! Anyone getting married on 11.11.11?
  3. Hi Ali12, Maybe see if you could have your ceremony time around 5:00 pm. My guess is that the ceremony will not last more then 1/2 hour, and that leaves you plenty of time to take family pics after the ceremony and before dinner. 3:00 in the afternoon (in April) might still be a bit bright with more direct light, but it isn't bad. The only thing that is a concern would be having your guests wait for the 3-4 hours before dinner started. If you went with a little later ceremony time, you could do some pics before and after.
  4. Hello Ali12, I am more then happy to help you figure it out if you would like. All I need is a little more information about your day (reception, dinner, cocktail hour, etc.). The late afternoon/ early evening light is the best. Krissy
  5. sgarib99- you should be just fine! i see you are getting married on may 3. the sun should set after 8:00 pm in may, and the most romantic light is about 45 minutes before the sun sets and about 15-20 minutes after the sun goes down... you will have more then enough time for beautiful photos! congratulations! krissy
  6. What part of your dress makes your heart flutter? Did you know that it was "the dress" the instant you tried it on? Pics are always welcome!
  7. thank you so much for the wonderful review jess & jeff! thanks for being fabulous!
  8. Hello BDW Brides/Grooms! When planning your ceremony, did you ever think about the time of day it will take place?
  9. thanks jaykay& kiwibride! i am so excited to be here...
  10. Greetings BDW Brides! I would like to take a moment to introduce myself as a new BDW supported photographer! I am very excited to be part of this wonderful community and to be able to answer any questions that any bride/groom may have not only about photography, but with all aspects of a wedding. Can't wait to hear from all of you! Krissy McCabe Krissy McCabe Photography
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