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  1. Passport pics done! We have to renew ours but are getting our sons done for the first time....and trying to get my 2 year old not to smile was so funny!!! But he did it!! Yay! Now just have to get our birth certificates notarized (thanks for the info on that Canadiangirl!) and the paperwork part is taken care of!! Now if Canada post would go back to work I could start looking for all my reply's in the mail!!
  2. you ladies have been busy... I wasn't on here all weekend and I have a lot of reading to do!!
  3. So frustrating!! My best friend and one of my maid of honors(i'm having 2), has complained about pricing and where were going since the begining. I even got the prices down and she still complained and now I don't even know if she is coming or not! She has complained so much that I don't even want to talk to her about it anymore so I'm just going to wait to see if I get her reply in the mail. But I try as should you to keep a happy mind hopefully things will work out for you.
  4. Well put! I agree Janet!
  5. LOL!! is that what that button is for! LOL!! I As for my planning...I'm a little anxious...I can't wait to get there....I'm stuck right now with nothing really to do and its kinda nice. Are you enjoying the planning? Its not too bad, seeing as a lot will be taken care of by the resort..which is one reason why we're doing destination.
  6. Shall we say drinks on the beach!
  7. LOL Thanks still learning the wedding lingo The website is www.studiosuits.com.
  8. I've got invites out and dress bought...wedding form filled out, just have to send them and my maid of honor has her dress. So a few more details to take care of but lots of time! Its all so exciting...I can't wait to get my little boys outfits!! And my stepdaughters dresses!! I love to shop! Keep us updated on your progress!
  9. Me too!!!! The 3 of us will be there at the same time!!!!!
  10. Yay!!! So exciting!!! They told me it would take 3-6 months for my dress I'm at 3 months now so hopefull soon... I will post pics too once I get it!! I know what you mean about bringing stuff down...I don't want to either...bouquets for the tables is an excellent idea...i never thought of that!! Sorry but is and AHR a reception when we get back?? If it is than I'm not sure yet... I think it depends on how many people can't make it. I think we're going to get bridal party dresses in the fall because my neice is still growing and she doesn't want to grow after she gets a dress LOL so we're going in September... then the guys have to get their stuff. I found a website that sell linen pants for men, not to badly priced too. So we'll probably get them from there cause we can custom order them to fit my little boys too! Hopefull everything goes as planned right
  11. LOL you're great!! Check on the first two things you mentioned and the decor...but still deciding on OOT bags....I think once I have my final number of people I will finish that stuff off....but I think I just might be on track! Thanks for helping
  12. Hello!!! We have my wedding band, but we still have to get my sweeties. I still haven't decided if I'm going to do OOT bags or just the favors. I was on a website ( weddingthings.com) and found some gel candles with shells in them. They come in a clear box with a thank you card attached, really cute. And we both still have to renew our passports and get our two boys a passport. I just feel like I'm forgetting something I think once my deposit day comes and I know how many people are for sure coming, then I can finish off the favors and send in my wedding info forms to the resort, then I will probably feel better
  13. So dress is bought..invitations out....waiting for all my replys....decided on wedding favors....decided on what the guys are going to wear....still have to go shopping for my bridesmaids.....is there anything else I should be doing before I get to Jamaica??? Any ideas?
  14. Wow you are soo lucky to have that many people come and share your day!! That must make you happy! Have you been to Ocho Rios before? We were just there this Feb...drove into the Sunset Jamaica Grand to pick up people on a day trip...it looks nice!!! So nice of your TA to take care of the mugs for you!! One less thing to stress over. Good luck with all your planning!
  15. I'm still waiting for it to come in too....I look at pictures of it all the time LOL!! I will post a pic when i get it for sure! You too ok!
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