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  1. Wow...what a treat to be able to read your review and see your pictures! I LOVE that you have pictures of your food and cake...I've been dying to know what the presentation would be like. I feel good about our decision to go with the presidential package thru the hotel...our TA warned us that Air Transat's packages are not as transparent for couples as they should be...so hopefully we avoid a lot of that nickel-and-dime stuff you had to deal with. Although we will be making additions to our package as well (corsages for the mothers, etc.). Do you still have the powerpoint of the floral choices, or of any other options for that matter? I would love to see it. You can send it to janelleh@sasktel.net...how flexible are they with the bridal bouquet? I have a picture of exactly what I want, but I have yet to see any bridal bouquets like this one at a GS wedding. I'm also glad we've got our own photographer booked. I never thought about requesting that their photographer STAY AWAY the day of the wedding...I kinda thought they could just work happily in unison, and if we got a few other interesting pictures from the resort, that would be great. But your comments have me concerned. I wonder if instead of using them for the wedding, we could request that they come and shoot for a bit at the rehearsal dinner or something like that? Thanks to all of you brides who take the time to do the reviews of the resort and your experience...It's so helpful! : )
  2. Donna...I'm seeing a lot of "Donna Carroll"s on FB and am not sure which one is you. Janelle
  3. Oh...I also have a question for any recent visitors to the Walmart and/or Costco that are apparently in PDC. We were thinking of picking up some bar snacks and treats to put out the night of the wedding, and would really prefer to not have to bring them down with us. Would we be able to find a good selection of things like mixed nuts, bulk candy, etc. in PDC for a reasonable price? Between the appies and dinner served the evening of your reception, was there enough to feed the hungriest of guests? We plan on serving the appies with the champagne right after the ceremony (our ceremony starts at 3:30)...then all of the pictures take place...then we return to the palapa after sunset for margaritas and mariachi...during which time I thought it might be nice to have some bar snacks available. Would this be overkill? Just curious also...does anyone know long a typical legal ceremony takes?
  4. Congratulations Donna and Alec and thanks so much for posting your review! My biggest question at this point is how much really needs to be done/organized/booked ahead of time...do convos increase in frequency and things just all come together the month before you arrive there (or, eep...the day you meet with them!)? I've not had much luck getting a response to my e-mails to the WCs (although my TA can get them on the phone, get the question dealt with and get back to me in about 5 minutes)! I'm wondering about things like the room (did you have the presidential suite for the full two weeks?)...the spa appointments for the day of the wedding...where you booked your rehearsal dinner, etc. At what point do you think we really need to make sure that the bookings are all in place or risk not getting what you had hoped for?
  5. 3 to 4 hours??? OMG...I think I need to tweak our wedding day schedule! ; )
  6. Oh...and to those that had their hair and makeup done at the spa, how much time did you allow for that?
  7. Oooo...thanks for these tidbits...I daydream constantly about all of these little details : ) We are totally going to take the dessert with the beach meal + the wedding cake. I'm going to bring some boxes and plastic forks to send all of the leftover wedding cake with those guests who would like some. They can just put it in their fridge and enjoy it over the next couple of days...I know there is no shortage of food around the resort, but sometimes it's nice to have a bit of a different treat to enjoy late at night! Corbeil...was the vanilla cake that you mentioned the tres leche cake that is their speciality? I think others have mentioned that cake and how fantastic it is. So, another question I have for those who have done a GS package that includes a rehearsal dinner...were all of your guests allowed to go to the rehearsal dinner (we'll have around 40)? Was this over and above the guests' allotment of a la cartes for the week? Did the B&G and/or the guests cut off the wristbands the day of the wedding? Any issues getting new ones? Just don't want wristbands in the photos... For those who got married out at the palapa...is it absolutely out of the question to have the carts run those folks back to their rooms who want to "freshen up" while we are having pics done between the ceremony and the cocktail hour? Ok, I'm sure I'll think of other things, but that's it for now...
  8. Oh that would be great...so guests could just select between the surf and turf, steak OR salmon that night...or do they have to decide ahead of time? I thought for sure we'd all have to have the same thing! I got a super deal on some stationary that I could use as menu cards...and pre-print them before we leave...as long as I was fairly certain what the options would be. From what I've read, the wedding cake is always the same flavour. Did anyone take pics along of how they wanted it decorated...or do you just go with whatever the chef feels like doing with it?
  9. Oooo boy...I do appreciate your honesty about the dj...I think I may be expecting waaaay too much from the guy. I guess what I was hoping for was someone who could really keep the crowd engaged, kinda lead the kids in the pinata activity...but what I'm picturing is someone who would have a role more like the entertainment coordinator at the resort (i.e., really good with people!).
  10. A few questions for the recent brides: 1) I'm assuming there is NOT a special meal offered to the children in the group...that if you pick steak, the children get steak too. Is that right? Anything on the beach menu that was a real hit or miss with your guests? I'm trying to figure out if we can take advantage of the 10 lobster meals that come with our package...would that mean we have to do steak and lobster for ALL of the guests, even though probably half of us wouldn't eat or enjoy it? For the other half of our group though, it would be such a treat! 2) Has anyone done a pinata in the palapa for the kids? 3) Any advice on bringing decor, favors, etc. with you on the flight down or sending them ahead of time? I'm thinking I'll have to pay to take a whole extra suitcase at this point! 4) Any feedback on the DJs on site? We want to have a family-friendly DJ who will make the kids feel a special part of the party...
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