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  1. I was planning to give a tote bag to each guest, but will be giving one bag to each couple to save money. So, I have 27 new palm-woven tote bags. They measure 9 inches long, 7 inches high (excluding handles), and 3 inches wide. I'm selling each tote bag for $2.50 (actual cost) or best offer, plus shipping. Thanks!

  2. We're using mywedding.com because it's free and it had one theme design that we really liked. I wished there was a way to archive the website though...in case the site crashes or something. For now, we've created a MS Word document with all the website narrative contents.

  3. Thanks Tammy, for monitoring this forum and the advice below.

    Originally Posted by Tammy Host View Post

    well we don't really like to say what we use as indicators because obviously the vendors that would pretend to be brides would then use that be sneakier but we have found out when vendors are brides.  just to be safe, if it were me i would feel more comfortable with a review from member with say 1000 posts than a review from a member with 1 post.


  4. I've spent quite a bit of time reviewing posts about vendors on this forum. At times, I wonder if some of the posts are by vendors posing as brides. There are some brides who have only posted maybe only a few times in a one year period, and those posts are providing favorable reviews of vendors. I'm just wondering how the forum moderators are able to address this issue, if it's an issue at all. Hope not to offend anyone who doesn't post a whole lot.

  5. I don't think I've seen any forum discussions here about Secrets resorts, which are relatively new resorts in Montego Bay. I did some research on Secrets St. James and its sister hotel Wild Orchid earlier this year, and you can find a lot of travelers who got married there who have posted on Secrets' Facebook page and on TripAdvisor.com. Perhaps you can contact those travelers? Hope that helps.

  6. I really love Stacey's work, but also like Marcia E. Roberts too. I'm trying to make a decision soon about a photographer and it's really difficult! Marcia offers unlimited time for a similar package offered by Stacey. Seems like a no-brainer about going with the unlimited time, but I still haven't been able to make a decision!

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