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  1. We did have a seated dinner. It was great. I will write a review in the next couple weeks.
  2. I am so glad to hear. I leave on Thursday and I am getting married the following week. We will have 70 guests, it should be a good time!!
  3. Did you find an outside flower shop? I am getting married May 31, 2012. Yes four months away!!
  4. Thanks so much. I am curious on what it faces? Does anyone know?
  5. Ladies, I believe the photographer, is a new rule. I had previously arranged to bring in a Photographer with Maria, which was ok with Lupita when I fwd her the email. I will not be getting Married until May 31, 2011. If you had previous arrangement I would say keep all you emails, just in case. I also agree Lupita has been very good a responding to emails. Does anyone know the view from the garden area?
  6. BUT I'm totally lost for the GM. My invitations were orange and blue so I was thinkink of putting them in this http://www.6pm.com/tommy-bahama-tiki-bay-short-sleeve-continental (Burt Orange color) or this? http://www.6pm.com/tommy-bahama-s-s-pina-martinique-julius I like the second. Also try this site: http://www.weddingtropics.com/men-c-107.html
  7. Kristamaria I like the second one. Look at this website. http://www.weddingtropics.com/ready-made-attire-c-107_207.html
  8. I am looking to get married at Sandos - Riviera Maya in May - June 2012. I have a few questions, I am sure you all have some answers for me. What is the different between Playacar and the Beach and Spa? Did anyone go to a local market to buy extra flowers? I am having over 100 guest, could any of the restaurants accommodate that size? Did anyone rent the disco? How are the rooms? What were the cost for the photographer and videogragher? Did you use one travel agent to do everything? Please let me know if there is anything else I should know.
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