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  1. what a FUN idea!! too bad my FI doesn't drink..otherwise I'd try to convince him to do this too!
  2. jaspbri0317

    Tulum Group Excursion

    tulum was really one of the most beautiful places I had the opportunity to visit! I was a BM in a DW a few years ago. the bride just rented 2 vans and had the drivers take us to the tulum ruins and the big pyramid near by...I'm blanking on the name....
  3. love the 3 pineapple design!
  4. great thread and great ideas!
  5. jaspbri0317

    Great Find On Pashminas!

    ooh thanks! love the idea of including pashminas
  6. the sand is so special and cute! great idea!
  7. love the white letters on the colored background! very cute! would love to see pics of the inside