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  1. Just a quick question for some of the ladies on here. Has anyone inquired about the buffet for your wedding reception. My FI and I want to have a buffet on the beach but have not heard back from the wedding coordinator about if it is possible. Thanks for any help.
  2. Hey just a quick question...for thoes that have been to the resort, which is a better location for ceremony and reception Playa Azul or Palmaras beach. I am confused so any information would help thanks so much!!!!
  3. Hey everyone first let me say how awesome this site is!!! I am getting married in April at the Palace and as most of you have mentioned it is soooo hard to get a reply back from the wedding coordinators at the resort. I am just wondering if anyone who brought in a planner from outside to provide chairs, huppa, or table linens has had to pay the resort extra for this. Any information would be sooo helpful. Thank you!
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