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  1. Hello! Yes you are allowed but will have to pay an outside vendors fee Good luck! Gemma xx
  2. Waybuloo - I haven't got anything on FB from you!?! 8 days!! Time to freak out a bit I think!!
  3. Danielle, those pics are ace!! I went to Madrid with 2 girlfriends, my bridesmaid couldn't make it & I don't know many girls, mostly blokes!! We had a great time, being a mum of 2 by the time I was 22 meant I haven't been out like that in a long time & it was great to just be me for a weekend! Xx
  4. Hi Danibunny! Wow yours is coming up shortly too! I fly out a week on Thursday - I can't believe it! Not looking forward to the 11 hour flight with our two kids (2 & 1 years old!) but hopefully it'll pass the time. What location are you marrying at? We are at the Tulum gazebo. Have had my Spa appointments confirmed today so yay for that. & yesterday my artificial bridesmaid posys & cake topper arrived & they look fab so again yay! Hav started gathering things to pack to try & make it all as stress free as can be! Although I'm sure it'll be fine I do worry about the whole WC change! I've also had to ask the hotel to provide a witness as we are one short that would arrive in time so that also concerns me! I must ask what's all the talk of travel mugs?? I think I've missed something! Gemma xx
  5. Thanks! That's not the address I had so will send it on! I've never had anything from my WC since Karla left - been a little unnerving! What's in the brochure?
  6. Hey girls, I leave in 2 weeks today to marry 3 weeks today!! Getting so excited. Does anyone know the email address I can use to make all the Spa bookings? I've tried the 3 on the spa list I have been given by someone but my email keeps bouncing back! Gemma x
  7. Hi melady24 - haven't been on here in a while! Your 21st April too!?! Wow, only 3 weeks on Thursday!! We are staying in cobs but marrying at the gazebo (tulum) at 2pm - how about yours!? Are you having reception etc? We aren't as only have a small number of guests! Would be good to bump into you there! Gemma x
  8. I have finally heard back! The night of my birthday which was nice :-) She thanked me for sending everything & said she had all she needed & we would meet the day after our arrival - just praying everything really is in place!! So Amy hopefully you'll hear soon! And waybuloo, I was giving it until Thursday before I went seriously bridezilla! 3 weeks on Thursday till we go - still not got everything! Have my first dress fitting next sat so need to sort my undies this week! How's everyone feeling!? So thankful for the spa emal - I'll be making our bookings this week!! Gemma xx
  9. So ladies, I leave 4 weeks tomorrow for my wedding (5 weeks tomorrow until the big day) & I've still never had a reply from Maria - am I right to be concerned!? I don't want to go back to Paloma again!! Gemma xx
  10. Hi, Paloma is the head of the coordinator - I think from here she'll reply & pass you over to your coordinator, there is a different one for each of the resorts. This is the person you deal with from here until the end of your wedding day. When are you marrying? Gemma x
  11. So I gave it a full week & still no reply from Maria. So I emailed her & Paloma to which I got a response within an hour. Paloma was as usual very good, told me there were alot of weddings this week & she was very busy giving them all her attention - as she would do whilst I was out there. She did then ask her to respond to me asap & CC her in So I'm glad I know something - I worry that if I annoy them too much they'll remember it when I get out there! But at the same time, I think a week is more than enough time to reply, even if it is just "really busy, will get back to you" My concentration now is focused on an informal reception we are having back home. Just in a nice village hall, not wearing wedding outfits (any excuse to buy another one!) and not having chair covers etc. I'll be doing table decor myself but I really want the place to still look nice. Trying to squeeze some more money out of the budget & have ppl come in & put up a fairylight backdrop & some drapes. Our colour scheme is generally purple but would love to add bursts of tropical colours but don't want to go OTT so any thoughts on colours or how many? Life story over! Gemma x
  12. I'm so glad it helped! And that picture is fab!!! I love orange - in fact originally had orange bridesmaid dresses but then added am extra bridesmaid & couldn't get another the same so had to sell and ended up buying purple. As you say orange is a lovely tropical colour & flowers like fushia go fantastically. Thanks to you both for the contact advice - I'm giving Maria until tomorrow then that's 1 week since my last email, not to mention the ones before it. I'm going to go back to Paloma. I understand they must be busy, & I don't expect an instant reply but 3-4 days tops! I'm getting really excited now, I fly out 7 weeks on thursday! Distracting myself by trying to organise the reception back home even though that's not for 4 wks after we return!! Between that & 2 young kids tome will fly! Oh & I'm off to Madrid 2 wks on Friday for hen wknd! Hope your both enjoying the build up - we'll be lost afterwards with nothing to plan!! Gemma xx
  13. Been 4 days since I emailed again - how long before it's ok to go all bridezilla!?! It's stressing me out! Xx
  14. Futurewifey2011 I feel exactly the same - is read some great things about Karla and she always responded to my emails within a couple of days. I'm worried as I can't even get an email answered so no idea whether to wait or go bridezilla & hound them. I leave 8 weeks today! As you say fingers crossed for a response soon!
  15. Linzip82 Its really hard isn't it - I was really happy with Karla as she responded so quickly & now I feel totally out if control! I'm worried as its not just me that isn't getting any replies & I leave 8 weeks today! Maria who has taken over for Karla is at the same email address which is groupsmx3@bahia-principe.com And the email for Paloma who is in charge is groupsmx@bahia-principe.com You will always get a fast response from Paloma. Hope this helps! Gemma x
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