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  1. Thanks ladies for the info! I always know I can't count on you for answers long before I hear from Maria. So jealous of you girls that get Karla back. We leave 4 weeks from Monday and I can't wait! We are really getting excited!
  2. Alrighty girls who have been there already for your weddings, I have a few questions. I know when we get there we should have. Letter from the WC stating when we are to meet the next day. Is it just me and my fiancé that meet or do our witnesses come too? Also, do we get to have a rehearsal? Or do we have to wing it? I'm not really a wing it kind of girl so I'm just curious if I need to prepare myself for that. Also, when we do meet with the WC is that when we let her know how many bouquets we want and flowers forthe guys and everything? How do we save our music if we are bringing our own? She's so slow to reply I figured I would just ask you girls here! We are wanting to do a welcome dinner the first night in one of the buffets, how do we get seating for 50 peole together at the buffet? Do we need to give the buffet some notice so they can reserve an area or what? Well I think those are all of my questions for you ladies today! Thanks in advance!! Amy
  3. Christi: Glad you got your cups! Those will go over great with your guests! Check with your airline on the number of luggage pieces each person can check. I called my airline and each person can check in 2 pieces of luggage under 50 pounds each. So my plan was to pack everything and depending on the number of extra suit cases I ended up with I was planning to have my parents act like one of the luggages were theirs to check in so I didn't have to pay to bring extra luggage. Since I had that figured out I talked with the airline to discover I can check in a cardboard box as a piece of luggage. So that's what I'm going to do! All my OOT bags will be in the cardboard boxes and then once they are passed out I can throw away the boxes. That will be better than having to bring home empty luggage in order to get everything down there. Hope this helps!
  4. Cdlillad: those fans are perfect! I'm giving my fans as they are. They have bight colors on them so I will give them as is. I would put something on the ones you are getting but just a simple ribbon in your wedding colors. Fun fun! Yeah mine are like 7-8 inch fans. Our weddings are getting so close!
  5. There's no problem in the checked luggage...it would just be a problem in your carry on, but good thinkin! Yes, we have lit candles in the rooms and we have never had an issue. We are doing pink and blue, so I will add the link to the fans we got. Nothing crazy fancy, but they will definitely get the job done! http://www.orientaltrading.com/ui/browse/processRequest.do?demandPrefix=12&sku=9/896&mode=Searching&erec=3&D=folding+fans&Ntx=mode%2bmatchallpartial&Ntk=all&requestURI=processProductsCatalog&Ipp=16&N=0&No=16&Dx=mode%2bmatchallpartial&Ntt=folding+fans&sd=Bright+Tropical+Fans#RL3 I searched, and I don't see those fans either...bummer! Well, good luck to you! Hope you find what you're looking for! Amy
  6. We are doing bags per couple/family. Your fiance is right, most guys won't carry them! We are doing insulated mugs with everyones name on them, snack crackers for in the room in case they need a little snack, small bottles of Aloe Vera, a votive candle in a glass that says "Thank you for sharing in our special day", box of matches that says "Drew and Amy...a perfect match", a little fan for the day of the wedding, and gum. I've been to this resort and a few others before and these are all a must! They say no burning candles, but sometimes the humidity just gives the room a little smell, so the little candles are perfect! I got cheap stuff! Some people may want to do more than us, but I just wasn't going to put out a lot of extra money for stuff people may or may not use! The beach bags I got are from Oriental Trading, they were like $10/dozen. They are fun little bags! Perfect for the beach because they can get wet and sandy and it doesn't matter. People may take them home or could pitch them if they wanted...and since they were so cheap it doesn't matter to me! The insulated mugs I got from Dollar Tree (for $1 each), and wrote their names with puff paint. All of the women in pink like the girls will wear for the wedding, and all men in blue like the guys in the wedding as well. Went to WalMart for the match boxes which were like 97 cents for 8 mini packs with 32 matches in each pack. Made my own labels and glued them on. Was able to get good votive candles at Yankee Candles on sale. Absolutely love their candles! I got a lot of summery/beachy named candles. And the glass votive holders, I made my own labels for out of clear address labels that I typed on the computer. Cheap, easy, and fun. I'm all about DIY...adds a special touch for me! I've had a blast working on stuff for our guests and of course the wedding too! Hope all this helps!! Amy
  7. We are doing the insulated travel mugs for our group. There are 48 of us. We bought plain black travel mugs from dollar tree. Someone suggested labels. Though it may not be fancy, we are writing their names with puff paint in our wedding colors. Fun and a little different so I like it. The good thing is that the letters peel right off so after the trip or even during the trip if they don't like it and can just have a plain cup. We have used travel mugs on many vacations and we love them! In the small plastic cups they melt quickly and don't last very long because they are so small and this resort and all other resorts I have been to. We have never had a problem of losing our cups because we constantly are drinking something out of them. The cups we got from dollar tree are of course $1 so super cheap and it's fun. Everyone will know that we all belong in a group together.
  8. Gemma: I have never heard from Maria! The only reason I even know Karla is no longer or coordinator is from reading on here. I'm not thrilled at all! I'm glad a lot of things were already decided with Maria, but I would like to know things still are in place with Maria. Has anyone on here heard from Maria? Idk if she feels like my wedding isn't until June so she's not going to worry about getting in touch with me until closer to time or what. But I have not received a single response from Maria. I wouldn't min to get bridezilla on her but would hate for her to not make sure my special day is perfect because I ticked her off. Kind of a hard place I guess. I obviously have read about some amazing experiences and really want to tell myself not to worry about it but its a pretty big deal! And lots of our family and friends are coming so I know we are bringing in a lot of money for the resort. No one in our group would be going if it weren't for our wedding so I really hope I become a priority! Super aggrevated and honestly pretty nervous about not hearing anything! Let us know if you hear anything Gemma!! Amy
  9. Hi AmberJanet! Congrats! I will be arriving May 30 and getting marriend June 4! And we are getting married at that same location. I think it's a really neat location. This is a picture that I received from the WC. Looks a little overcast in this picture, but I think it looks neat! Absolutely can get lots of ideas and info off this site! Let me know if you need any more info!
  10. Niki, I see you haven't heard from your coordinator! I'm at the Coba and we got a new one sometime in January I guess. I have yet to hear from her since then. I've written a few emails and it's been more than a month! Kinda scary! I guess everyone else from the Coba is still dealing with this? It makes me nervous!
  11. Babyshaws I hadn't heard from her for like 2 weeks. She had been really good about getting back within 2-3 days, so I thought it was odd. It wasn't a big deal so I was just going to wait to email her back. Then I saw on here yesterday someone (maybe you) wrote the Karla wasn't there anymore. I'm totally bummed! Had only communicated via email but she seemed super sweet! I sure home Maria will get back in touch. Kinda aggrevating! And makes me a little nervous that some of my requests may not be taken care of. Don't really want to go through everything again with Maria. But we will see I guess. I wrote Paloma last night and she responded today saying that Karla has filled Maria in on everything and she would be the new coordinator. So we shall see I guess! I just wrote Maria so hopefully I will hear from her soon. Disappointed because Karla seemed really easy to work with! We must keep our fingers crossed! My wedding is June! I'm really excited and ready to go! Happy planning! Hope we both hear back from her soon!
  12. So am I understanding correctly that Karla is no longer the coordinator for the Coba? What the heck?! That totally would have been nice to know from someone! Guess I will try to reach Paloma. Is the email address the same? Thanks, Amy
  13. Yes they do still have the Mexican fiesta on Thursday nights. I remember it being a great time when we went a few years ago! We will be there the first week of June. Our wedding is the 4th. That will be fun to have the extra week just for you 2! We have a group currently of 48 people. They will all be there for 1 week and we will just stay 2 extra days. But that will be fine. Maybe an excuse to go back next year!
  14. I am going to be getting married at the Coba in June 2011. Have any of you stayed at this resort? And which block of rooms should I request? We will have at least 22 rooms and would love to be close together. Any suggestions?! Please and thank you! Amy
  15. Christi, I too would love information on the flower catalog and cake pictures! I have prices for extra services already. My email address is vbgurl2004@yahoo.com Thanks! Amy
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