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  1. Evelyn, I love your makeup and your hair is stunning. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures. congratulations
  2. Colleen and Lindsay, I am sooo excited for you guys. My families and I will be flying in Wednesday the 13th but unfortunately there will be no more wedding. Insane isn't it........All this planning and all this preparations for nothing. I can't wait to be there and see your wedding, I know it will be beautiful. Sharon
  3. CCsoti, Congratulations on getting your date set and welcome to the site. I too would have our wedding at the Royal Cancun if it weren't for the few little kids that are part of the family. I've stayed at the Royal three times before and love every stay. It was sooo amazing and the food and just lovely. I haven't tried the food at DRC but have tried the food at Dreams Cancun and I do hope they are about the same or better. I felt the same way too when we did our site visit to Azul. I almost put a deposit down on Azul without even seeing it first. I then had chance to do a site visit for both resorts and was sold on Dreams Riviera Cancun over Azul. Cheers and congrats
  4. Hello Lindsay, I am here in Vegas and it's been in the 100's too. The only difference with Vegas and Cancun is there's no humidity in Vegas. Consider yourself luck since you're from Texas, with all that heat and humidity, Cancun weather is a treat for you I agree with you on the destination wedding, not sure if I would survive planning a regular wedding. No wonder my little sister and my auntie lost tons of weight before their wedding lol. I have about four or five suitcases to lug down which I am not looking forward to. It's a good thing we're mileage members with US Airways so I upgraded us to first class and I just found out that they do not charge for luggages in first class whoo hoo, that sure made my day.
  5. Hello Justney, Wonderful review and I love your positive attitude towards everything. I am interested in your spreadsheet as well, here is my email sharonmydung@gmail.com I was also wondering for your sunset cruise did you get the appetizers for extra? What was your order for the reception entrance, did you have each bridesmaid paired up with a groomsmen? Thank you
  6. Hey Colleen, Similar to Lindsay, my list is getting smaller. I finished my last DIY project today which turned out pretty nice so I am happy. I am still waiting for the bridesmaid shoes to arrive and my candy from oh nuts for my welcome party. My biggest concern is the weather in Cancun in July. My FI is afraid I will be super cranky since it will be hot and humid. I am having my reception on the pool deck which I hope will turn out ok. Do you think I will be sweating my ass off? Are you changing into a shorter dress or will you be wearing the same dress during the reception? I had these light up rings during my bachelorette which was such a big hit that I've ordered more to bring down to Cancun for the guests. They're these light up LED rings and they're so fun and wild. I ordered them at amols.com where I ordered my maracas as well. How many guests will you have?
  7. Lindsay, I emailed Veronica yesterday and it was Yamina who answered my email. With all the turnover of the coordinators, I was afraid of losing Veronica sooner or later but I thought it would be later lol. I just completed my DIY table names. Instead of having numbers, I put a different Virtue on each frame and added quotes and bedazzled it up. At this point, I am pretty much done with everything so not stressing yet; perhaps it might come as we get closer. I am more stress about work than the wedding. I went to Michaels today and I seriously wanted to purchase the whole store lol............
  8. I am amazed that July 17 is coming around the corner. Colleen and Lindsay, are you guys done with all the wedding details? Colleen, are we speaking of the same Veronica here? She is my coordinator too and I haven't received any news of her leaving. If this is true, I am really bummed too because she has all my information and I am not sure who my new coordinator will be. Who is your new coordinator Lindsay?
  9. Lindsay, What are you kidding???? Veronica is gone? She is my coordinator too and she is so on top of it. I am suppose to meet with her on the 13th of July. I know it's getting close, how are you feeling, do you have everything ready?
  10. Congratulations.........Girl you should be enjoying yourself and having cocktails and champagne instead of being on the thread right now I am sure appreciative that you took some precious time off your schedule to re-assure us of all the positives. Thank you and I know your wedding will be incredibly amazing. Can't wait to read your review.
  11. Hello Laureen, Congratulations on such a beautiful and amazing wedding. After reading your reviews and looking at your pictures, I will definitely ask the coordinator to include the light up dance floor during our reception. The boy in the picture is so precious.
  12. Hello Lupita, We are going with DJ Edgar with Avi productions. Rodrigo is with Avi productions too and he said that he will be the MC. I spoke to Rodrigo and his English is pretty good. I just sent you the playlist, it's a long one. Sharon
  13. So excited for you. I think all the sickness happened in March, from the facebook thread looks like the sickness is not happening anymore. Just be sure to wash your hands and bring some antiobiotics with you. Good luck and congratulations.
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