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  1. Many thanks Matt!!, I love my work and sharing it with you! A big hug for you
  2. Thank you Chelsea!!, I´m so excited to share more with you Quote: Originally Posted by bondgirl0072010 Welcome, Sara! I can't wait to see more of your work! ~Chelsea
  3. SaraTamargo


    I use and love MAC, specifically ESTUDIO SCULPT .. Lasts all day and looks very nice even heat.
  4. SaraTamargo


    Thank you Lincoln and Lori The best!
  5. SaraTamargo


    Thanks you very much for share pictures and your comments!.. I wish you the best! See you around !! ;D .
  6. SaraTamargo


    I recommend you get married in the Riviera Maya and I make your makeup! : D I'm kidding, congratulations for your wedding! If you want to make your own makeup .. My recommendations are that you prepare your skin for your face that well moisturized and makeup look nice, if you use a primer before the foundation is much better! .. And if you want something natural in your eyes you can put some light on the eyelid and the corner coffee tone to give depth! .. Try checking in advance for you to practice and look very nice!
  7. Thank you very much!.. You are a natural beauty lady!.. Was a pleasure meeting you and to share a special moment with you!.
  8. SaraTamargo


    Hi girls!, I am makeup artist .. I'll be happy to share tips with you! : D
  9. Thanks so much for your comments!!, I love my job!
  10. Hi Zelda!!! Will be a pleasure meet you!!!!
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