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  1. I took, baby milk as he was only 8 months but they do have cows milk if your baby is on that when you go, I also took 2 powder food that is mixed with cool boiled water just in case and only used half, I'm sure you will be fine, I also took nappies, wipes, swim nappies although he was naked most the time as swim nappies gave him nappie rash. Xx
  2. Hi tlseege what's the pack and play we didn't get on neither did any of the other kids that's was with us??
  3. Hi mexicanbride, congrats very exciting. We just got back and we had our little boy who was 8 half months he was very good on the plane and loved the sand and pool took him a day to get used of times and about 5 when we got back home which was hardest bit. I just asked the chefs to blend there food which most of the time was fine, so didn't understand and did it like a cocktail of food with ice!!!! So gave him little bits to eat, breakfast was fine as they do porridge and lots of fruit and yogurt. All in all he was great I'm sure your little one will be fine. Xx
  4. Thanks tlseege, we loved our day, I actually think I have wedding blues. I really want it all over again. We are going to renew our vows in five yrs!! Xxxx
  5. Hi sunshine, thanks he looked very handsome didn't he, we brought the men's attire from ted baker, the father of the brides just had ted baker waistcoat and matched the trousers up from marks and Spencer's. Hope this helps xxx
  6. Hi all, not sure if this will work but some of my pics are on this link. More to be added xx
  7. Yes must be I'm on the iPad so can't upload them from home, but will do when I'm at moms as I no how helpfull the pics are. We was going to have the 50 photos on cd and 15 printed then our ten free which would have cost £570 aprox we ended up having 80 on cd and none printed which cost £630 aprox diago is a great photographer but English isn't that great so when we was discussing prices we didn't understand. Think we prob could have got them cheaper if he had understud us and us him!! It was great watching the pics on sideshow we both cried as we watched it specially with the music in the background. It was perfect, ( makes you want to buy them all lol) Xx
  8. Hi Rachael I believe we have to wait for the cert to come through before we change our names, it's takes aprox 3 months and then we have to get it translated!! So glad your day went to plan sounds great. Congrats to you. Xx
  9. Ok so I'm going to attempt my review whilst little one is playing. Arrival We arrived at the hotel aprox 5.30 pm and was greated by some of our guests that was already there which was lovely, we had a cocktail waiting for us and check in went ok, I was kind of expecting me and chris to get a private check in but didn't happen, although it didn't really matter. Rooms When we opened our door I was bait disappointed as I had emailed eugenia specially to request a decent view and not to be on the ground floor as we like to relax on the balcony in the evening. We had a bush in front of us and a ground floor room!!! We went to reception and requested we move rooms ( we don not normally complain but I didn't want it to spoil our hol) they moved our room and got a half decent view but not the best. That evening we just went the Buffett had a drink and off to bed for a fresh start in the morning. Meeting Our meeting with eugenia was at 10.30 on our first day which was great as we didn't have to do anything then until the wedding day. The meeting went smoothly and eugenia had all the notes from emailed I had sent so was all organised. I handed over extra bits for the day I had taken, petals, crystals for tables, lilac material for hammock etc.... We had to then go to the hacienda for our blood tests which was quick and easy once we had waited for the hacienda bus to arrive. Over the next few days are guests started arriving, we had a night out for the you gowns at the hacienda night club which was fun. The night before the wedding I had booked a table for 16 at one of the resturants and was disappointed that they could not sit us all together or even near each other there was two tables on complete opposite sides of the resturant which was annoying as we wanted this time to spend with our family before the big day. Me and chris spent the night apart he in our room me with my parents and didn't see each other until I walked down to him on the wedding day. The wedding day All the girls met for breakfast at half seven we had champaign breakfast in the Buffett, it was great until it suddenly started to rain, lol everyone kept saying its good lick it will clear! I then went back to my moms room with the mother of bride, maid of humour, 3 bridesmaid flower girls and my hairdresser and beautician, luckily mom and sis had adjoining rooms so we had more space to get ready, we spent the morning having our hairs done, chatting drinking champaign ( we had brought in the airport going) it kept showering outside and then brightening up so I was ok with that! The girls went and got lunch to bring to the room it really was perfect. The photographer came at 3.20 I had to leave my dress hanging as he wanted pics before I was ready, it was a little rush putting the dress on after pics but worked out fine, by this point it was raining real bad( the only day of rain we had by this point) eugenia rang and said she needed an to no there and then if we wanted to change the evening disco from poolside to inside as it couldn't be changed to inside at a later time, as it was raining we decided to change inside which I was gutted about as I had imagined it being out side and had seen some whilst there that looked ace, any how we choose inside and good job we did. The flowers came, I had white roses and the bridesmaid had white and lilac roses, they was nice. The photographer left and the buggy came to pick us up I said to one of the bridesmaid why we going the beach when it's raining and then it stopped the sun came out as if it new I was on my way lol. By this point I was getting emotional but not yet crying I was just soooooo excited to get to chris. We met eugenia at the beach bushes so chris couldn't see beyond, she weed the music and off I went. I walked down to Eva Cassidy songbird and it was amazing, I had a little cry but not as bad as I thought, when I got to chris it was great, he told me a looked beautifull and had a tear in his eye ( he never cries) the waves was soooo high it was great to watch as we said a vows, it truly was the happiest day of my life, I didn't notice the pho trapper taking all his pics ( we used acricife and had Diego) we signed our documents to train marry me, dj sammy I'm in heaven can delight version, Charlene soraia wherever you will go, it went so fast. Eugenia had put the lilac material out on the gazebo which looked fab, it was windy so it was flapping about and wished she had wrapped it round the post instead but it still looked ace. After the ceromony we had a champaign toast and the saxophonist play for 45 mins he was great, some friends wrote our names in the sand in a heart and looked ace in the pics..... 2 guests went up to the resturant dolce vita at 5 to check the tables a put out name cards petal etc... It looked great Food Was at half five guests went in first the us (bride and groom) they clapped us in as we sat down, food was served straight away, we had ham and melon to start, chicken and pasta and our wedding cake for pudding, all of it was great specially the cake which was three milk, we then had speeches shots of tequila and then headed to the disco, we had carts waiting outside to take all the guests to the ballroom, it had started raining again at this point so we was happy with the ballroom, it was set up nice, dj was the resort dj he was ok we had to ask him to turn the music up a few times lol.... I would have him again as it saved a lot of hassle sorting songs out, the bar was fine to and we even managed to get a big bottle of tequila for our reception back home from the bar, we had our first dance Charlene sorya whereever you will go and partied the night away. We loved our wedding and would do it all again. We enjoyed the rest of our hol with guests and had a day on our own at explore which was ace. I will try at add some pics for you. Xxxxxxxxxx http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=t.735360206&type=1
  10. Hi brides, just got back from our amazing holiday and wedding, got my reception tomorrow night and then I'll be writing a review and adding pictures for you all. Xxxxx
  11. So ladies, I leave on Tuesday for my wedding which is on 16 th April, sooooo excited. Just wanted to say a big big thank you to everyone for answering my questions. I'll defo be putting a review and photos on to help future brides. Xxxxx
  12. Hi all I'm getting confused now, what do the legal costs include, I thought this was included in the package you pay for?????? Xx
  13. Hi, do the men have to wear long trousers in the Buffett restaurants?? Xx
  14. Wow heather, your day sounds amazing, your pictures are gorgeous. Did the hotel take them?? Also which wedding package did you pay for? I get married on 16th April so most things are in place, I like your idea of taking sparklers and glow sticks for the guests. Emily x
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