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  1. YAY!!! that is great news! and it is also nice to put a face to the person ive been talking to lol....I still haven't heard about my dress but she said that in October it should come in so I am SO excited!!! omg i am def not gaining any weight ive been actually going to the gym trying to keep my fitness on check so i have no regrets when I first put that dress on...just thinking about it gives me goosebumps Hope you are doing well and we will continue to keep ourselves updated
  2. Yes! We did hire the wedding planner. We do most of the work he just takes care of the last minute details as well as the day of and he is the MC for our wedding. We booked our DJ too so we have that done. We are missing flowers and limo but other than that everything is going well. I am a stress free gal at the moment because I am so organized with everything . We are planning to go on a cruise for our honeymoon so I have been looking into that now. We are thinking of going to Bermuda or Bahamas but not too sure yet. Everything else is great! I have my little book that keeps me sane and I keep track of everything we spend and who puts in how much for what. It helps us stay on track with the 50/50 amount we agreed on. I still dont have a ring bearer because we dont have any little boys so I don't know what I will do about that :/ One of my bridesmaids canceled on me because her and her fiance were supposed to get married and they broke up so I have to replace her since she said she can't be a bridesmaid. Replacing her is another hard decision because I am not too close to my female cousins so I don't know who to choose Hmm what else...I think I already said we booked our church and we have started attending mass. Your wedding is gona be great! and its gona be here when you least expect it. I still have a year to go but its okay because planning it is the best part! Can't wait for it to happen
  3. Amurka!!! Hey girl how are you! I hope ur planning is going well. Ive been so busy planning my wedding that I havent had the chance to write on here. But I hope to do so more frequently.
  4. Chanelo- February 24th 2012 Amurka- March 6th 2012 Soccer1615- July 5th 2012 Noemi- July 14 2012 (not in DLR anymore but im including myself anyway haha)
  5. I think you have to have to post a certain number in order to have ur signature. It shouldnt be alot because I got it quick. Just keep posting
  6. Hey girl! I don't care go right ahead. I will be getting them on ebay just type in bride and groom favor boxes and you should get some like that. There are two different styles but I like these the best because the dress has some type of design.
  7. Hey girls, Dana those few pictures look great!! the link didn't work but I am sure we will see more pics when you have the time to post them Here are a few other ideas that I have for my wedding: The favor boxes, the cake topper and the garter I love them all!
  8. Thank you!! I cant wait to see them I already got my garter and my cake topper and now im working on favors. I will post pics of my ideas when I am on my computer. I got the San Antonio Spurs wedding garter which is a basketball team. My fiancee is obsesed with basketball esp that team. For my cake topper I got a hispanic couple eating wedding cake haha. Little by little im getting things bc I dont want to stress out on the little things when the day gets closer. My wedding favors are gona be bride and groom favor boxes and im gonna get c m&m candies with our picture and wedding date on it. Ill post pics soon
  9. Hey girl!!! I'm doing well. Wedding planning is hard lol i've been so busy setting up appointment with vendors and going to brideal shows and such. I still haven't gottent he bridesmaid dresses but I am going with the girls at the end of next month to pick them out. It's slow planning but I am getting there. I am hiring a wedding planner because I can't do all of this by myself. Thank you for the compliments on the reception hall. I love places that look like they were pulled from a book haha. my invites aren't going to come until like February because I am going to the Dominican Republic to pick them up myself so they don't get messed up during transit. How is ur planning? Dreams gave me back my deposit, well sort of, I had to file a claim with my bank because the funds had not been returned to my account. But dreams sent me the confirmation they did it and everything was sorted out with my bank. I am excited for all DLR brides!!!! I recently found my toasting glasses and cake server set. My sister bought them for me as a gift I got them from thingsremembered.com and I love how they look. We just ordered them toay and I engraved them with the quote "Our toast to love" along with our names and date.
  10. This is really pretty!!! My invitations aren't done yet but they are almost there..so exciting
  11. cool that is def cheaper...mine cost 899 and i added extra length so it was 100 more.
  12. that's great!!! so how much is that in dollars lol Im not too familiar with your currency. THis dress was the first i tried on too and I loved it. I saw it in a magazine and called like twenty diff salons to see if they carried it then the one I went to ordered it so I can go try it on and it was perfect...now that that is out of the way i still have to work on the bridesmaids dresses.
  13. Hey hun, Yes I haven't been on here either in a while. I tried on my dress last Friday and it is AMAZING!!!!! I will post a few pictures. I don't think i will need alot of alterations because it fits me perfectly. So excited!!
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