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  1. Strawberry Passion. Reception was on Palermas Beach. Coral Beach would probably be tight with tables of 10. It's a small area.
  2. You just need to show the resort that you have booked your trip. Then they will hold a spot for you.
  3. we used a travel agent who beat any price you found on the internet by $10. So not only were we getting the best deal but we were all getting the value of using a travel agent. Our travel agent negotiated a free rehearsal dinner for 20 people, a free cocktail hour for 71 people, an upgraded room for us and she made sure all of our guests were around one another. She got everyone private transportation from the airport for the price of the "group" transportation as well. She also got us good deals on the excursions. Basically we told all of our guests when they were ready to book to search the internet for the best deal and then call our agent. It worked out perfectly.
  4. It just depends on where you're planning on having your reception. If I remember correctly the backup for Coral Beach was a banquet hall. However the backup for Colonial Beach was one of the open air grills (one of the reasons we ended up choosing Colonial) We got married October 8th and the weather was beautiful all week. Don't sweat it!
  5. we originally booked Coral beach but our party got too big. I'll be honest, when we got there I wasn't overly impressed anyway. I would choose Playa Azul or Palermas Beach. Coral beach is OK but the trees and shrubs block your view of the ocean and you also don't have any access to the water. The other two are wide open offering beautiful views and access to the water.
  6. sorry the menu is different as well. For us, the beach reception was a must. I completely understand if people don't have the extra money to do it. Even though with 71 people it cost us an extra $3K-$4K we felt like people sacrificed so much time and money to be there that they deserved something spectacular. Plus, it's pretty cool to say you had a reception on the beach Hint: If you're struggling with paying for the wedding Capital One has a 15 month 0% interest credit card with no APR. It also has no international transaction fees. We swiped our whole wedding and divided it by 15. Made life a lot easier.
  7. strawberry passion allows you to have a beach reception where the mint breeze does not.
  8. We brought down a few bags of clear beads, underwater battery operated lights, a few fake orchids from michaels and floating candles. Cost was about $10 per centerpiece. Then we rented the vases and the mirror from the resort for $5 a piece. Instead of table numbers we did Boston / Philly Sports teams. They provided the table number holders at no extra cost.
  9. If the hair and makeup people are outside vendors then yes you have to pay 30% to the resort on top of what you're paying your vendor. This fee didn't used to include Adrian but it does as of October of last year.
  10. We brought a cake topper....which we accidentally forgot to give to our coordinator. Didn't matter though because no one really paid any attention to the cake. They were more enamored with the fact they were eating, drinking and dancing on a beach in Mexico
  11. exactly my thoughts! no need for the DJ Lay out your playlists Create a guide for your emcee to follow Designate one person to work the ipod when needed. enjoy!
  12. The only day it even sprinkled was the first day we got there. The rest of the week was gorgeous. You'll be fine.
  13. They use the Coral Grille for dinner and it's also HUGE! This is why its normally not an option. If they're letting someone use it, it's probably because they're completely booked everywhere else. They'll probably curtain off a small area for the wedding and leave the rest open for hotel guests. If the weather is right, the palace pool will be just as good if not better. I got married October 8th of last year and the weather was beautiful!
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