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  1. What is everyone using as the wording for their programs? My WC said she wasn't sure the order of events for a legal ceremony so I'm not sure what to put on the programs!!
  2. We have a few guests that are only staying for 2 nights so I'm sure that is fine!
  3. Thank you! That was so helpful and added a ton of details to my sheet that were missing
  4. My final spreadsheet and payment is due Monday! Yikes!! I can't believe it's only 45 days away. I'm starting to stress because I can't get a hold of my wedding planner and I'm sure I'm missing a ton of stuff!! Does anyone have their final spreadsheet that they wouldn't mind sharing? I just want to be sure I'm not forgetting anything! My email is kmasiroff@hotmail.com. Any help/advice is greatly appreciated!
  5. Has anyone used beach towels in their OOT bags and if so where did you get them?
  6. Does anyone know of a cheap site to get battery operated tealight candles?
  7. I was also quoted $50 per strand!! I think we're going to bring our own and also rent the tiki torches and possibly sparklers when we get down there. Are you doing the chinese lanterns? I'm trying to decide how many we need and what sizes to get. We are also going to El Dorado Casitas for our honeymoon and from all the pictures, it looks amazing.
  8. Hey jazz04, Can you tell me where you got your koozies? I started looking a little online but couldn't really find a good website to order them from! Thanks!
  9. Does anyone know what forms of payment the resort takes when we want to purchase all the "extras" on site? I didn't want to bring a lot of cash and didn't know if we could use a credit card?
  10. Do you have any pictures of the bouquets? Do they look bad without the ribbon? I didn't even think about that!!
  11. Where is everyone getting their OOT bags from? I would rather spend the money on the contents of the bags and not the bags themselves but I still want them to look nice. Any suggestions?
  12. I was also wondering if anyone had a checklist of things they've done/still need to do? I feel so unorganized and just don't want to forget about anything. I'm getting married June 25th but I'll be doing a lot of travelling for work in the next few months so I'm trying to get a handle on things now! Any recommendations for where the grooms got their outfits?
  13. Does anyone have any cute ideas for a door hanger? I love the concept, just not sure what to write on them! Thanks!
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