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  1. 3 photos.. 1st two no flash, 3rd flash photo..
  2. USED FOR 3 Hours total! Practically Brand New!!! Selling 30 Satin Eggplant Purple chair sashes & 6 long Satin Eggplant Purple Table Runners Chair Sashes measurements are 5.5" x 100" Table Runner measurements are 13" x 100" $75.00 for all 36 Items + shipping. Paypal accepted. All Items have been recently washed and will be steamed prior to shipping. Email for more details.
  3. Wanted to share my favorite "candid" photo i've had emailed to me from my aunt.. this is Adam and I, pretty stoked after the ceremony!!
  4. my menu at the Italian Caprese Salad Penne Napolina Risotto Chicken with Ricotta Tiramisu Everyone LOVED the meal!! it was fantastic!!
  5. Hey, they were glasses.. they will have them in stock right now in the summer plastic glass department. here's what you'll need: plastic tumbler glasses from zellers square mirrors (3 in a pack) from dollarama led closet lights (takes 3 x AAA batteries) from dollarama ribbon to wrap around the lights the purple gems I got from Michaels but you can pick them up anywhere (mine came on a wire stem, which i cut them all off) fake flower to float inside it - i got my green orchids at dollarama clear plastic "drawer cushions" you know like the clear rubber things you put inside a cupboard door to stop it from slamming.. this is what I put on top of the light so that the glass would not slip off it. I got a pack of them at dollarama and you could not see them but they worked GREAT! the glass didn't move one bit. So just put the rocks in the bottom of the glass, fill with water and put the flower inside (note that brightly colored flowers may bleed their color, dollar store ones worked great - expensive michaels ones bled like crazy) put the light on top of the mirror and the glass on top of the light and volia you're done!! they were inexpensive and I personally think looked GREAT!! Also if anyone is doing a "purple" theme.. i have about 30 chair ties and some table runners i'm willing to sell.
  6. So when we did the sand ceremony the minister had someting that he read.. I don't remember what he was saying but he had something all ready for it (and he didn't even know we were doing the sand ceremony!!) he was prepped and I guess just carries it with him.
  7. Just got back from Jamaica and I laid my flat (along with 3 other brides) in one of the overhead bins.. No one else was allowed to put their stuff in the bin where our dresses and the mens suits were laying. This was a Transat flight from Halifax - Jamaica and it was awesome! Great service!!
  8. I have about 30 Chair Sashes & I think 10 Table Runners... actual numbers will be confirmed tonight. Just wanted to know if anyone was interested? Eggplant Purple Satin purchased from Linens Direct and only used for one day. All Washed and pressed.
  9. I didn't rent the Gazebo and to be honest I'm glad I didn't.. Everyone was so exhausted from such a long day that all the "old folks" went to bed early that night and it was only us young folks left at the end of the night. We went from dinner to the terrace bar and then that's when all the old folks dropped out. Us youngin's stayed up and went to the disco and danced all night long. It was a blast!!! I just am glad I didn't pay the $$ for the Gazebo, it would have been a waste for my party. Also I did not book the entire restaurant.. the sections they give you are more than private enough!
  10. My flowers were "real touch" and I made and brought them down myself... it was SOOO hot the mens real bout's were wilted in hours. So glad I brought fake with me... My centerpieces are below: I bought the mirrors at the dollar store, plastic glasses at Zellers, fake flowers at dollar store, purple gems at michaels and sat them on top of a closet LED light purchased at dollar store.. Sat the light on top of the mirror, glass on top of light, gems in bottom, water in, flower in and VOILLA!! they looked GREAT!!! and so cheap! I left them there, wasn't bothering to bring them home!
  11. Ok, 1st off.. I looked into the webstream too cause my sister too was pregnant and couldn't come.. it is 100% NOT live.. basically they will video it, and then broadcast it (like youtube) later on.. it is by no means a LIVE FEED.. and the same guy who the hotel would have put you in touch with offered it to me for 150.. knock him down if you really want to do it.. but it's NOT LIVE. The sand ceremony, yes they set everything up for me. I dropped everything off at the front desk and even drew a diagram how my centerpieces went together.. it was perfect when I arrived.. however they did loose my centerpieces.. which wasn't a major deal cause i prob would have left them anyways.. but they DID loose them... If you DO happen to choose the hotel photographer you MUST go see them the next day to get your pictures printed... They told me that you must give 3 days notice.. and if you get married within the 3 days god knows how you get your photos.. I argued with the guy (who was VERY ignorant) and he finally put them on a disc for me... I had caprese salad, penne napeleno (sp), chicken risotto, and tiramisu and it was all delish!!! pics attached!!!
  12. Hey Ladies well I just got home!!! Wedding was beautiful, quick and simple!!! We met with Chandlyn (who is very kind and sweet btw) our meeting took all of 10 minutes to say yes no to whatever I wanted. I had brought my own chair sashes, table runners, centerpieces etc.. so I just dropped everything off at the front desk including my sand ceremony and they set everything up perfectly for me! Wedding day she picked me up at the front lobby and drove us down the the end of the walkway to the Gazebo. Wedding ceremony took only 15 minutes and we had NO RAIN!!! I had the free package and had 26 people with me and didn't have to pay for chair covers but we did have to pay 25 per person for the additional people over 16 that were allowed for dinner. dinner was at the italian, we did no speeches etc cause we wanted to keep it simple. Everyone enjoyed dinner and it was a great night. WARNING - Hotel photographer was HORRIBLE!!! soooo glad I brought one down with me. I don't think they use a UV filter on their camera as all the pictures were hazy and it would appear they need more modern equipment.. the stabalizer on their camera was all over the place. I took the 5 pictures included in my package and that was it.. I didn't even want those 5!! I met Tris down there and she was a sweetheart!!! I will post pics as soon as I have them uploaded. Feel free to ask any questions!! Erin