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  1. Manda, you looked stunning! Amazing photos! I'm so sad that I'm not in Mexico anymore... leaving was so hard!
  2. Hey everyone! We got back a week ago... and I've been in a depression since lol. It was AMAZING. The resort is absolutely GORGEOUS, and there were absolutely no complaints. I've yet to take my fake nails off so I won't be able to write a long review at this moment, but I have a slideshow of unedited teasers that I thought I'd share. http://vimeo.com/36174654 It gives you a good idea of the resort/rooms/spa etc.
  3. OMG did you take that photo!?!?!?!?! That looks INSANE! I'm kind of freaking out. FH is a procrastinator and left everything until the last minute, and today he's sick in bed and has a ton of antibiotics after going to the doctor. I have all of our packing to do, I have to finish our playlist and the favors... I'm stresssssssed out. For the playlist, how did you organize it? We have two - dinner and dancing, but don't know how long it should be, etc. I'm thinking of just sticking a bunch of songs into the playlist and putting it on shuffle, whatever plays, plays. Have the important songs at the beginning in a separate playlist (our first dance, the Mom dance we're planning).
  4. I'm actually with Transat too! That's an amazing price, I think we'll definitely arrange it. Hopefully it will be available the night we want to go! Did you get a glimpse of the Kantenah hotel? Was it any good? FH is a bit nervous that the quality of the rooms will be low. Also, is there only one disco on the entire resort?
  5. Hey ladies, I'm really short on time so can't really reply to anything (I was really sick Monday-Wednesday, didn't get anything done... we leave Sunday at 3AM for the airport... we're quite behind!). I promise to provide as much info as I can after the wedding! Manda, quick Q - for coco bongo, how much did it cost per person? What did the cost include? Were they able to take everyone? Was it 100% safe? FH is afraid of people wandering and is nervous that we'd have to babysit the whole time. We were thinking of doing something like that for the girls/guys night... separate dinners and then out as a group. What do you think?
  6. If you want to stay past 11, you can get an extra hour but it's $5 per person, and only allows you to stay one hour more. Rocio told me about the option of going to the Colonial lobby until 1AM for no charge, so that's what we're doing. I'm putting together my own playlist. When I got a quote from DJ Mana (I think that's what they're called) it was almost $1000 and I couldn't justify the extra cost! We leave next Sunday, 9 more days! I'm so nervous, doing all of the last minute things, terrified I'll forget something. We're currently making reservations for our girls/guys night (dinner), and our family dinner the night before the wedding. We have a welcome brunch the day after we arrive planned too. I'm almost done the favors, pick up my dresses tomorrow, still have to do the playlist and figure out what we're packing! I feel so anxious!
  7. Congrats and welcome!!! I'm having a private reception at La Laguna, from 7-11. Rocio said that I can stay at La Laguna for an extra hour if I pay $5/pp, but that we can also go to the lobby of the Colonial where there will be music and dancing until 1AM, free of charge. That's what we are going to do!
  8. Manda - don't want to rush you as you're obviously busy and basking in the glow, but I have a few Q's! (We leave in ELEVEN days!). - How long did it take you guys to get to the resort from the airport? What were the buses like!?! - How were your excursions? Were they worth it? - Did you write your own vows? How did the ceremony go? What music did you use? Anything else you have time for would be awesome! How was your hair!?!?! haha, I'm so nervous.
  9. I'm pretty sure it isn't optional, it's part of the package. I'm trying to figure out what music I want to walk down the aisle to... Do we play music over a system? Any ideas how this works?
  10. Welcome Samantha! The extra $20 also goes towards a bigger cake, champagne after the ceremony... I think that's it? Manda!!! You must be SO EXCITED!!! (and nervous haha). Good luck, can't wait to hear! Congratulations!
  11. Hey ladies, Few Q's: Seating charts - doing them? How did you go about it? Head table? How do you organize the playlist? Did you have/plan to have specific songs for first dance, etc? If yes, how did you ensure that they came on at right time? Ladies/Men's night - did you have one? what did you do? Children - do any of you know if the resort has cribs... if we need to have a carseat? Travel - how did your group get to/from resort? How long does it take? How did your dress do as a carry on? Packing - how much did you pack? How many bathing suits, etc? What did you pack that you found essential? Ceremony - did you/do you plan on having a sand ceremony or anything that you needed to plan or take with you before going? Manda, you must be getting SO excited!!! I'm getting stressed now that we're so close... I can't wait to hear about yours! Any other general info that might help me feel at ease?
  12. Thanks so much! I was in contact with my TA, who sent me a list of excursions available MONTHS ago. I asked her how I go about booking one, and she basically told me that the one I wanted wasn't available, and that I had to choose from a much smaller list of much less exciting excursions because that's all that transat offered. We'll definitely check out edventure
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