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  1. Hi Ladies! Let the countdown begin!! (I am getting married January 12, 2012) and could not become any more excited to go! I know all of our guests are gearing up for a great get away! I have one question for everyone regarding the marriage certificate. First off, I'm from Minnesota and we are getting married at the resort and not before hand. Do I need to bring a marriage certificate down with us or do they provide one? (I don't remember). Any advise would be greatly appreciated! Thank You Sam
  2. PoshAms - My wedding is in January but I am very aware of the Piscis Restaurant/Snack Shack. My family and I have been to GBP three times and now our fourth will be the wedding. Did Chandlyn or Donnalee send you any pictures of Piscis? (She sent me the attached pictures). I am having my reception and social/dance there. If I understood Chandlyn right, they have only pretty much used the space for business events/banquets and just recently started using it for weddings. It's very romantic looking in my opinion, and you get to be practically right on the water. Hope this helps you! Quote: Originally Posted by PoshAms Another question for you ladies- has anyone had their reception at the Pisces outdoor restaurant? Is anyone planning on having their meal/reception there? I have booked it for our big day but not heard a great deal about it. We are getting the Jamaican buffet for our meal and exclusive use for our dancing. Sounds fab but worried as I have not heard anything on any forums about it. Just 4 weeks until we set opff for JA and I am a bundle of nerves! Stepped up the exercise today- woke up at 5am to work out. I wonder if I have enough time? I am rambling Thanks guys Ams
  3. Hi Tekeya! Your video is spectacular! RoxRoy did an amazing job, and you're right... it felt like you're watching a movie! I am in agreeance with all the other brides, I now am thinking I want to include a videographer! Do you have his contact information? Thank you for all of your input and information, it is soo helpful to all of us upcoming brides! Sam
  4. Hi Tekeya! Beautiful pictures! Who did you use for your florist? I'm torn between Tia (which the resort uses) or Jans Floral.
  5. Hey, I will be there the same time! We fly in January 7 and fly out January 14! Hope planning is going well for you also!
  6. Thanks JayKay... WOW, I didn't know there were two more weddings on my day! Oh well, they do an amazing job so each and every bride feel its their day. I was surprised to read that Beverly is longer there, she was SO nice when I met her. Are you getting your hair/make-up done at the spa? What do you have booked already?
  7. Hi ladies! I'm Sam, I joined this website back when I got engaged. I went to GBP last January (2011) to check out the resort with my FI and my family. I actually met with Beverly (who is no longer there...bummer) and got to meet Chandlyn. I saw there are a couple brides getting married around the same time I am (January 12, 2012.) I just wanted to introduce myself and thank everyone for being so open and honest! It really helps calm everyones nerves! Thanks for all the great ideas, hope everyones planning processes are going well!