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  1. hi there, thanks for the reply, i was a little unsure as i thought the name was changed straight away after you signed the marriage certificate, and that it was legally changed then at signing. many thanks
  2. hi there, thanks for the reply, what i ment to say was, when someone marries they tend to take the man's (husbands) surname on the marriage certificate, but this time my husband will be taking my surname. if you understand. are your names changed at the wedding? getting confused now.
  3. hi there, there are so many resorts in the DR its becoming really difficult to decide which one to pick, would love to hear which resort you have had your wedding at, did it all go to plan and was the location as you imagined. were the pictures true to life. many thanks
  4. hi all, we were planning on getting married in the DR, but after looking at all the translations of paperwork and other things not sure if its the best thing for us, as we're on a very tight budget. now considering getting married legally in UK then have a renewal of vows somewhere. unsure on how soon you can do this, does marriage certificate need to be sent to resort in advance, if so how long before ? would love to get married in the UK, then fly out there the next day but not sure if it can be done? any advice would be a great help
  5. thank you Josietoms for your reply and advice, been looking into getting married in the DR but it seems to be coming out more expensive and complicated than some other places, there are loads of legal costs. one TA quoted prices from £650 and another said £1200 but then was told other destinations legal cost were about £500, worried about getting it all booked then finding hidden fees that we just don't have the money for, were are now considering other destinations in the world. please help anyone all we ask is white sand, turquoise sea and to get married on the beach, but finding it really hard on a budget
  6. we have looked through thomas cook, first choice and virgin wedding broushers and they have some great ideas. i can get cheaper hotel prices by booking online, and i'm a little unsure about the booking wedding package diret with the hotel/resort. do they sort everything out or is there other people you have to contact.? could i please ask how you do this ? do you just call them or do you have to get intouch with a company. ie thomson, first choice. ive read that you have to book your holiday then arrange the wedding? i was worried if i booked a holiday first, then i could not arrange the wedding. i just dont know where to start lol. thank you for your help and when is your big day? sorry for the 20 questions
  7. hi all just a quick question if anyone knows the answer, my partner wishes to take my last name once we are married, will this still be easy to arrange in the dominican republic ? many thanks
  8. hi all, i would first like to say thank you for all your replies and very warm welcomes, we have been looking at SO many they are starting to all look the same. we don't have a huge budget, but then who does now. there are only the 4 of us going to try keep costs down, the only thing i am asking is that i can get married on the beach.white sand, turquoise sea, oh how i can picture it now, what a dream, any ideas of resorts/hotels that wont cost the earth would be more than welcome
  9. hi there, first i would like to thank you so much for your reply's and warm welcomes we have been looking at soooo many and now they seem to look the same. getting really confused. we dont have a very big budget, but the problem we have is its going to cost loads, there is only 4 of us going so that will cut down costs a little. The only real things i'm asking for is my wedding to be on the beach, white sand and turquoise blue sea, oh how i can picture it now, its my dream and so far it seams to be all it is, Any ideas of a a nice resort/hotel that will not cost the earth that can offer this would be great.
  10. hello all, we're from the uk, trying to get ideas of locations to get married in the dominican republic, we want to get married 4th July 2011, and dont know where to start, so many places, so many choices. any ideas and help welcome.
  11. hi all, new to this site but in need of some advice, we're looking to get married july in punta cana next year, only have a small buget for 2 adults and 2 children which will be classed as adults in price, we have been reading so many reviews about getting married in the DR and they are so many different things people say, so ive come here to ask real people who have been through it and there advice and any hiden costs the T A's dont tell you when booking. any information and ideas for places would be very welcome, many thanks
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