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  1. I know its really late but...we did the tasting a couple days before our wedding. All the food and wine we had was good. We did tip Yamina, and the head waiter for the outstanding service we received. We had Javier Rojas and I think he was 550 for the service (well worth it!). Yes they had a selection of boutonnieres to choose from.
  2. Usually a travel agent will match any price you can find yourself, and you get the added benefits of having someone helping you. If you are just booking one vacation then Expedia is the way to go. But in my opinion, when you are trying to coordinate with your guests it's definitely better for everyone to have a point person to deal with. Not to mention that you will definitely not get any of the group perks buy just having everyone book solo. Send an email to: laura@caribbeanjourney.com and just ask her what kind of rates she can get you. Then at least you will know.
  3. We booked through a travel agent. We initially thought about taking a room block, but we weren't sure if we were going to fill 10 rooms and didn't want to get stuck with the extras. In the end, we had 13 rooms and I think we paid something like $10 more per night. Our travel agent also negotiated for us to get the group perks we wanted, and transportation was included, which I don't think is the case if you book directly through the hotel. I would 100% use a TA because all guests can book through her and we paid with a credit card. We used Laura Sangster at Caribbean journey and she was amazing. She helped with all the hiccups that arose, and there were several.
  4. Holy cow your dress is amazing and you look like a superstar in it! When I was looking at photos of dresses my absolute favorite was a gown by Marchesa which was 100,000 UK Pounds and I never was able to find another one which did it any justice until I saw photos of yours! So jealous!!! It's too late for me, but I would still like to know who made it. Your taste is impeccable
  5. I brought floating candles and they provided me with bowls and dyed water which actually looked very nice. I think she told me they would be $4 a bowl, but I don't remember seeing it on the bill. I also brought those little bags you fill with sand and put a candle in, but they didn't stay lit. Some of the bowl candles kept going out as well, but I thought it was still pretty. I'll post pics of them when I'm back at my computer and not on my iPad.
  6. Here is their review page: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/blue-lens-caribe-wedding-photography
  7. I think they are on a continuous loop. I know that Thursday is the Michael Jackson show which is often referred to as the best show. Friday is the Mexican party which is where I held my rehearsal dinner so I of course have pics if anyone wants them. Tuesday is Casino night/Magic Show, Wednesday is Manager night/Circus Show, Sunday is Live music and Las Vegas Show, Saturday is Romantic Dancing Soiree with a carribbean band, and I can't find the sheet from Monday. I guess being anal and keeping everything is starting to pay off lol.
  8. I emailed him and he sent me the list of songs he could play. I asked him for a specific song which he said he would learn, but in the end I ended up using one of his originals which I heard on his website and fell in love with. My husband still plays that song once a day and gives me that *look* across the room haha. I may have the list somewhere in my email, but it's probably best to just contact him. jjrojas@prodigy.net.mx
  9. I also attract every mosquito for a 50 mile radius and I didnt have a bite either. It's a seasonal thing. They also gave each table bug spray which I thought was cute.
  10. No, the weather was perfect but this was also 2 months ago. That being said, if the sun is down I dont think "hot" will be a problem unless its August and even then it's probably okay.
  11. Hi ladies, I just wanted to say that I finally got around to writing my reviews: EPM: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/excellence-playa-mujeres-resort-and-spa/reviews/4512 Del Sol: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/del-sol-photography/reviews/4511 Hope they are helpful
  12. I had my hair done at the resort and I thought she did a good job. However, my MoH is a make up artist so she did that for me.
  13. I recently had the good sense and good fortune to hire Matt and Juan from Del Sol to capture my day. I knew that after looking at so many other weddings they had shot, they they would do a good job, but I was blown away with what I received. It was definitely worth the wait! Like all nervous brides, I was monitoring the weather before I got to Mexico and I was totally bummed out that it was supposed to rain the entire time I was there. So when my wedding day actually arrived, I was happy that it was just really overcast and not actually wet, even though we brides chose a beach wedding in the hopes of having a sunny day. I didn't much think about it any more until I received my slideshow and saw my beautiful bright and cheerful photos. Snapshot taken by a guest: Photo taken by Del Sol: Please have a look at the rest of our slideshow. I can't believe the attention to detail and the emotions they managed to capture on film. Those two were moving at super human speeds moving the flash around to catch different styles of photos, and we even looked up at one point to see Matt running across the roof of the hotel! Thanks Matt and Juan for giving each wedding everything you've got. It's nice to not feel like you are just another bride in the assembly line and that each wedding is meaningful to you. The rest of our slideshow: http://delsolphotography.com/blog/content/galleries/?gal=411
  14. They provide you with white linens and chair covers. If you have a look at the photos I brought the candles but Yamina provided the bowl they were in. I also brought those little bags you fill with sand and put a candle in, but it was too windy and they did not stay lit. I also made name card holders. Otherwise everything was given by the hotel besides the flowers of course.
  15. I wrote Playa Mujeres, Mexico as well. The actual address is way to complicated: EXCELLENCE Playa Mujeres Prolongacion Bonampak, S/N, Punta Sam Lote Terrenos 001 MZ. 001 Sm. 003 Zona Continental de Isla Mujeres 77400 Quintana Roo, Mexico
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