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  1. I found that it was going to a lot less of a hassle to just pay $150 for us to get married here first in BC. That way it was all done, and legal. but we will say our vows and celebrate our anniversay on the mexican date.
  2. sunnyee Wedding on thurs march 3... come take a peek! wehre are you coming from
  3. Sunnyee. Im getting married the 3 of march at akumal at hammock location at 3pm. I invite you to come take a look! we're also having the poolside reception. Where are you coming from?
  4. Hi there! Does anyone have any pictures of the poolside reception without any extra decorations from home? I am leaving in 2 and half weeks for akumal and would like to know if i should be bringing anything extra! Thank you!!!
  5. Has anyone used the resort make-up artists here or seen any type of portfollio!
  6. Hi christi I bought all my bridesmaid dressed from TJ bridal online. They were the exact same as the bridal store. we tried them on there and they were $100 cheaper. They come from the same manufactorer and everything. I would have totaly done the same for my dress if i had known that eariler! Good luck
  7. Quote:Originally Posted by wesjor17 Thanks so much! does the dinner vary on the amount of people? That sounds amazing! I can't wait! Did you use a travel agent? i'm in Alberta - and having a hard time finding someone that specilizes in it that isn't going to charge an arm and leg! thanks!
  8. This is a questions about the wedding packages that you were offered. I did recieved a list of the packages and the prices from eugenia when we booked, however i was looking at the official webiste and found a completelly different list of prices for the wedding packages than i was quoted http://www.bahiaprincipeusa.com/BP/Resorts/Resort/Bodas/Akumal is the link that i found. How much were your wedding packages?? Thanks Jen
  9. Kitchenwitch! OMG i am so excited to have my wedding in march after reading your story! What an amazing time you had and thank you for all of the great details. Please Please Please post some pictures or possible let me add as a friend for facebook if you have it! Congrats !
  10. Thao what a great idea for the laterns, I'm looking forward to seeing how they turned out!
  11. GOOD LUCK and best wishes to all the quickly approaching weddings!! I am so looking forward to hearing about your experience and hope that everything goes smoothly!!
  12. I;ve had the same delima. My only real concern is where, when or how will we get to have a first dance? thats kind of a big moment i think...
  13. I actually spoke to canjet (they are the same as air transat except out of abbotsford) and they said the same thing, that since there is no first class they'll just place on top of carry on's. but they were great and said that if i was over my carry on luggage amount that they would make a note on my file to not charge me extra
  14. My goodness! I cant believe how many bride to be are from vancouver! im from maple ridge and we are getting married at akumal march 3. i have everything booked already and i just couldnt see myself having to stress from organising a traditional wedding at home. it so much easier this way. what arrangements have you guys made for your dresses during travel??
  15. Heres a question for all the brides out there, how did travel with your dress? I 've heard that its possible to bring on and put in the first class area? anyone have any experience with this?