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  1. Has anybody used this venue/catering for thier wedding reception?
  2. Hi Just realised that I had opened a whole new thread, unsur ehow to delete it... Anyhow I wanted to join in the discussion. I too am in contact with Almaire from TWJ and she seems very professional and informative. I am still toying with the beach ceremony they provide and the villa package as we may hire a private villa for our ceremony and reception. Has anybody seen or used the Montego Bay beach setting provided by TWJ? @Princess J it would be great if you could update us with information about how your wedding went (hope it goes all to plan and is a fantactic day for you all), my ceremony will be late July 2011. Â Thanks Chan
  3. Has anybody used, been to or considered Day O'Plantation restaurant for their wedding reception venue. Seems nice, although not convinced about the photograph of the food. Help needed please
  4. Hey, Â I too am in contact with Almaire from Tropical Weddings, we are trying to organise either an off site ceremony in a villa or to use their beach setting in Montego Bay, has anybody seen or used this beach? Otherwise Almaire seems very professionally and is generally quite fast in replying to emails
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    Hello everybody  My name is Chantelle and my husband's name is Balford. We are on here for a slightly different reason to most, as we are organising a renewal of vows ceremony. We had a very very low key wedding with no family or friends on my part and only a smaller number of his family. We met in Jamaica and have always wanted to get married there, so we are choosing the anniversary of when we met July 27th 2011 to renew our vows. As we met on the beach we are trying for a beach ceremony in Montego Bay. Hoping that I can gain some valuable advice and information whilst on this site. xx