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  1. Originally Posted by beachwed2013 View Post


    Congratulations! The only answer i can give is the last, if you bring the tulle, they should set it up for you no problem.


    If you are looking for a standard Video... http://www.videowedd.com/


    THis is the video service for dreams Cancun and it can show you a video of wedding

    I was a little disappointed in this service and if I knew I would have hired someone else. 5-10 minutes of the 30 minutes was before the wedding shots of the empty chairs gazebo and flowers. What a wasted 10 minutes could not believe it. Make sure you specify this or this is what u will get! Everything else was wonderful and amazing this was the only complaint I really have.

  2. Originally Posted by beachwed2013 View Post


    Hola ladies  - for anyone who were married there, when you get your hair done, can you use the spa that day:?

     Not for free. They charge you for all services. But you do get some services to use in your wedding package. I think I got a free massage and you might get a day in the hydration are free. Check your wedding package!

  3. Originally Posted by robaarts View Post


    I agree. I am getting so stressed as everything just seems to be adding up, and I feel like this is only going to get worse once I get there. I didn't do a site visit and have no idea what to expect. I feel so unprepared!!!

    Jana, reading your post did make me feel better though. It's nice to know you felt like it was worth it! And I'm glad to hear how beautiful it is there.

    A few questions not sure If anyone can answer....

    How does the food work? Can you only choose one appetizer entree and dessert for all your guests? Or do they get a choice? My maid of honor is vegetarian and celiac and I'm getting worried there will be nothing for her to eat...

    Also, I'm nervous the reception is going to be too short. I'm having it from 6 to 9 and then have decided to pay extra for an additional hour but I'm still worried this wont be long enough. 10 pm seems so early!

    One more.... Where is everyone having their receptions? Right now I have mine planned for the beach but I'm wondering if this isn't the right choice... Which oter areas can we have a dinner and dance at dreams?

    Thanks girls... You guys have been great helps. I love coming on here and reading posts!

     I had a sister in law that was vegetartian and a nephew with a list of food allergies. They really accomadate you. You basically pick one menu for everyone and do not get to otder individually. They will accomadate people like your family and my family giving them a personalized menu.

    I would not bother to pay for the extra hour at the reception. There is a dance club that is on site that is almost always empty and is free. we took the party over there and it was soooo much fun! You will have an amazing time!

    I had my reception on the club terrace but I understand they are not offering that anymore. I think the beach is a nice option too. You just can't really go wrong...you'll see. :)

  4. Originally Posted by Alina8706 View Post


    Marililli that is so exciting, Are you in Mexico? How did you decide to all of those things?


    I agree ladies. It is so frustrating to not know what is and what isnt charged extra for as far as outside vendor fees. A few months ago, I was feeling incredibly frustrated with the experience. I love my planner, Cecilia, but I was feeling like there are A LOT of extra costs associated the wedding and Ive had to get crafty with the wedding.


    We decided to go with the dreams because we thought it would be a good way to get everything we wanted in a beautiful place at a price we could afford, but when we started adding all of the costs, fees, taxes that we needed to pay additionally it became very expensive.


    I have been feeling some stress because I want to have a beautiful wedding but I feel like I have to sacrifice a lot :(.

     I know exactly how you feel. I was so stressed out and even with the bare minimum I spent in all including my wedding gown about 12-15k. I went over budget and found out that I really did not need as much as I went with since the location was so beautiful. it is so disappointing but in the end you will be so happy since that location rivals no other. There is no place in Cancun that is this beatiful. We toured 10 places while we were out there for our site visit. I went to overboard with the out of town bags too. No one really used much from what I bought for them. In the end when i look back at the pictures and remember how perfect the wedding was I realize how perfect everything really turned out. Your wedding will be amazing!!!

  5. Originally Posted by Alina8706 View Post


    I emailed her again and she told me there an outside vendor fee unfortunately ! I think she was annoyed with me for asking her again :(!!!

     That is so annoying how for some they don't charge vendor fees but for others they do. It should be across the board. I guess either way if you pick an outside photographer you will not regret the extra $150 since those pictures capture memories for a lifetime!!

  6. Originally Posted by marilili View Post


    I'm so excited! I'm in Cancun right now and did my site visit! I hired a wedding planner and she is awesome and although there is a vendor fee she is saving me money on lots of stuff! I ended up getting the free package and am hiring a shuttle that is taking us to a hall in the city! This way we can have a late party! I did cake tasting, food tasting, late night taco truck tasting! I can't believe 2013 is so close!! We are almost there ladies!

     How exciting. Sounds fun!!

  7. Originally Posted by beachwed2013 View Post


    Alina - I would confirm with Cecilia, usually Juan does not apply with that fee.

     I agree...I was not charged a fee for Juan either. They are usually very flexible. When I searched for photographers I already knew I wanted Juan since prior to the Dreams vendor switch he was their photographer. After checking around he is very very competitive with his pricing. He was the most reasonable and in my books the best work. I do like DelSol but I find them very expensive and Juan is just amazing!

  8. Originally Posted by Karen Krolicki View Post


    Is Juan the photographer that is included in the Dreams package?? 

    I was actually considering going to an external vendor for pics, but if Juan comes recommended than I might save the $$. 


    Ps. When I spoke to Cecilia she said that the centerpieces could incorporate our own mix of things..  even though you picked the fishbowl and starfishes, you could have a different spin on it and add your colors, theme, etc.  Just a thought.


     He used to be the photographer for Dreams then they changed vendors after I signed my contract. I decided to keeo Juan Navarro since his price was really amazing. Claudia gave me like a $500 credit since I purchased the wedding photographer and I traded it in for the flowers and gazebo decor.


    If you email Juan he will give you a price quote. His photobook is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. He really is amazing!

  9. Originally Posted by beachwed2013 View Post



    Alina - actually i have gotten quotes from Cecilia on both -


    She sent me the picture attached - 1 Calla Lilly - $20 usd as seen

    And I sent her the stargeizer for quote
    and she said $20 + tax.
    My issue is I was hoping for peonies or a flower to that effect but was quoted at 250 which is absurd lol. So now i am revamping and trying to find a flower. Going for all white which seems touch because i like the look of the stargeizers. I plan in spurts too.
    So i am thinking perhaps tulips if possible:
    Tulip wedding bouquets
    but i cant decide.

     These tulips are sooooooo gorgeous. How pretty and different. I LOVE it!

  10. Originally Posted by Alina8706 View Post


    Hey Beachwed,


    How is the wedding planning going? I go in spurts of planning to not doing anything.

    I am trying to save costs so I am going to do 1 calla lilly for each BM.

    It looks elegant and simple. I definitely want my ladies to have flowers but nothing to overpowering because the beach is already so beautiful! (if those arent available I will do stargeizer lily's (im obsessed with lily's)


    I love this combination..




    What are your thoughts?

     Those flowers are sooooo gorgeous, I love....and I love Juan he is an amazing photographer.

  11. Originally Posted by cancundreams201 View Post


    I'm getting married at Dreams in a few weeks and we are doing the gazebo. (sorry for crashing this thread I know I'm not a 2013 bride :)  We've been there before so I know what it is like and it's very private. It does get windy over there however, so keep that in mind when you are thinking about hair (all of my bridesmaids are having their hair up, you don't want someone looking like cousin it in your photos when the wind blows to the side!


    Gosh, I have to agree with the last poster those centerpieces creep me out too....sorry....I suppose it's a personal choice. I am paying Dreams to do the centerpieces, they are $65 each and they have a file they email you with lots of pretty choices. I'm going with the glass bowls with starfish/shells and candle in the middle.

     Those centerpieces with the starfish and candles sound so pretty can't wait to see your pics!!! Congrats!!

  12. I hope no one hates me for saying this...I am a little creeped out by those centerpieces. I guess i would have to see them in person.

    All of you ladies must be getting soooooo excited about your big day coming up. I remember being so stressed out and anxious for absolutely no reason...everything turned out perfect. Dpn't worry about a single thing...I was so thankful that Claudia handled everything. Can't wait to see your pics ladies!!

  13. Originally Posted by robaarts View Post


    Hey all!


    I am so excited too....I saw someone say centerpieces are included in the price...is this true? I was planning on bringing all my stuff down but what a pain...if not, how pricy is the decor there? Anyone know?


    THANKS :)

     Hmmm my centerpieces were not included in the price. I just asked if I could borrow vases some cylinder vases that were another brides that she left behind. Then I brought the orchids starfish etc etc...I am pretty sure they try and charge you for centerpieces if you don't talk to them about it and bring yoru stuff. The package does include I think two floral centerpieces but not what some brides might be picturing. Hope this helps.

  14. Originally Posted by jlynne View Post


    Thanks Jana! Those look great!! Orchids are my favourite, I'm going to have them for my bouquet. Where did you buy them from?

     Orchards were purchased at a store called Michaels. It is a craft store. They were nice to they felt like rubber instead of silk and the quality was amazing. I used a bud for my hubby's boutonniere mixed in with real roses and no one could tell. They did such a fantastic job on our bouquets. They were beautiful!

  15. Originally Posted by beachwed2013 View Post






    I did a site visit in April. My thoughts are - I am going to go to Wal Mart which is a couple miles down the road to get a few items for the center pieces the day before/2 days before. Cecilia said the rest will be free because they are adding sand and water (which they can collect from the beach). I am purchasing the glass at Wal Mart (along with candy for my OOT Bag) they will set up for free. as for the lighting I am just going to pay the fee and have them use what they have because I do not want the headache.


    The pro to bringing your own: Definately Cheaper, they will set up for free, guaranteed what you want

    The Negative for bringing your own: Definately more of a headache, have to get it through customs, and on the airplane (contemplate glass breaking)


    I do not nor do i think any bride would recommend shipping. A lot of people's items never arrive.


    If you go with something they can provide - I am sure it is beautiful too. I just attended a wedding at another dreams and they picked it out when we got down there, they were simple, beautiful and matched the decor!


    A piece of advice I got, which is why I attempting (not succeeding) to concern myself with centerpieces, is all the guests noted that is the last detail they are paying attention too! There eyes are on you! :)

     Before you buy the vases at Walmart etc...I would ask Claudia to borrow ones they already have ...a lot of brides have left behind vases for other brides to use. I boroowed these glass cylinders for the vases...and brought some VERY nice fake green cymbidium orchids and since they were submerged in water with sand no one knew they were not real.




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