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  1. Hi!...I got married at Moon Palace a month ago today and we did tip a few people...We tipped the servers at our private function on the night of the wedding...And we also gave our wedding coordinator a gift!...They did a WONDERFUL job...It was well deserved!
  2. I'm back!!!! The wedding was absolutely perfect!!!!...I couldnt have asked for anything better...Let me know if you have any questions!!!...Ill be happy to help!
  3. Anyone leaving next week for Mexico???? I cant believe im already leaving on Tuesday!
  4. Thank you for the info girls...What songs did you have if you dont mind me asking?...Any suggestions???
  5. Thank you!!!....Are we supposed to record the whole song and then they play a bit of it or all of it?
  6. Hi!!...Does anyone know anything about the 5 song CD that we have to put together??...Im leaving for Cancun in a week and my wedding planner just mentioned it...She said there are supposed to be 5 songs for 5 moments during the ceremony...WHAT!
  7. Hi...I am also planning on getting koozies...Does anyone recommend a website where I can order them from? Thank you, Melissa
  8. Hi Anabrina! Im sooooo with you on this situation....I have had the same experience...These people in Miami have made my wedding planning so much more stressful...This is supposed to be such an exciting time and it has ended up to be a nightmare...I finally got reassigned a new person in Miami who has been okay..But honestly, the one person who has been wonderful has been Kalena in Mexico...Without her, I dont think I would be going through with his wedding there....If you dont mind me asking,who was your WC?
  9. Is anyone on here from Minnesota that is getting married in Mexico?? If so, I have a question for you!
  10. Does anyone know anything about the airport transfers?...At first I heard it was $10 roundtrip...And then I heard it was included in your stay??? Thanks for any info! Melissa 32 days to go!!
  11. Hi everyone!...I am having a hard time choosing wedding favors for our guests...Does anyone have any neat ideas??...Any input is appreciated!!...Thanks, Melissa
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