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  1. These are our photos of our wedding 8/23/10 coordinated by Dawn at Jamaica Elegant Weddings. We cannot thank her enough for the elegant, classy day that she gave to us!
  2. I could not agree more! I just posted our experience with Dawn at Jamaica Elegant Weddings if anyone else would like to contact us or see our pictures. I will try to post them on here but you can facebook me at partyfor2@aol.com. I would love to share our experience with our wonderful coordinator!
  3. Hi there! My husband and I just stayed at Sunset at the Palms from 8/21 - 8/24. We got married on 8/23 actually but did not get married at the resort. We actually went off-site (about 10 minutes away). I just posted our experience under JasonandBrandi. If you would like to see our pictures or contact me personally, you can facebook me at partyfor2@aol.com. Â I would highly, highly recommend Dawn Sherman at Jamaica Elegant Weddings if you decide to go off-site. We personally found that it was much less expensive and we got a lot more for the price of what different resorts charge. Â Whatever you decide, God's Blessings on your marriage!!!!! Â Brandi
  4. Hi there, If you are planning a Destination Wedding in Jamaica, I am most happy to recommend Dawn Sherman at Jamaica Elegant Weddings. My husband and I were planning our wedding/honeymoon this past August, 2010 in Negril, Jamaica. We already had the resorts picked out, one on the beach and one on the cliffs. We did not go through a travel agent but instead, booked our wedding through one of the resorts that we stayed at. Since I had not experienced planning this type of wedding before, I went into this blindly, not knowing how things were done in a different country. I had a very difficult time communicating with the resort about our plans and it was extremely expensive, just for a minister to marry us - no flowers, no decorations, no photos - just the minister. As I was doing some online research for a photographer, I came across Jamaica Elegant Weddings. I emailed them through the website and within 5 minutes, Dawn called me at home. I recall talking to her 4 different times that day and she memorized what I wanted because I did not have to go through it again with her. The biggest issue was our budget. It was just my husband and I so we didn't have anyone available to take pictures for us. My son just turned 16 the week before our trip and he was given a truck for his Birthday so we were a little tight on our wedding budget and what we had available to spend. We simply wanted a few pictures to be able to share with our friends and family at home. What we soon discovered, in talking to Dawn, is that it is far less expensive to go off-site than at (probably) most resorts. All we were hoping for were a few good pictures to remember and share our special day. What we received was a wonderful coordinator who took all of my stress away, a very personal minister who made us feel like we had been friends for a long time, a gorgeous beach setting that Dawn personally decorated (we got married at sunset), an excellent photographer, and a wonderful DVD recording of the entire ceremony. We wanted simple, within our budget and she made it a truly elegant, classy moment in time for my husband and I to cherish always. I would highly, highly recommend her services. She is extremely professional, she will listen to your wishes and make everything happen. When she tells you she will make it happen, I can promise you that she will. I will try to post our pictures on here but in the meantime, if you would like to contact me, we're on Facebook at partyfor2@aol.com Respectfully, Â Brandi and Jason
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